A Wardrobe Capsule Based on Fabric and Blends (Instead of Style or Trends)


While I hope this post is extremely helpful, I also think it’s the silliest thing I’ve done here on my blog. Taking photos of yourself is the weirdest (unless you’re a model…or aspiring to be). BUT I wanted to give you all an idea of what I wear every day because it’s about as simple as it gets. I’m still figuring out what fits my body type best. I’m really short (exactly five feet tall). Every time I meet someone from the internet, they say, “You’re so much shorter than I thought!”

How I’ve Tweaked my Capsule Wardrobe Method

A year or two ago, I discovered the capsule wardrobe method and loved it. It’s become more natural and less focused as time goes by. Back in March (when it was still frozen), I started shopping for spring and summer clothes. I was buying cute little lace shirts, crop tops and lots of maxi skirts. About half of the stuff I was buying online wasn’t fitting right (denim shorts that were twice my size, shirts that were too tight or pieces that wrinkle the minute you sit down).

Once we headed out for our huge road trip in May, I grabbed only a few outfits that I knew I loved. They lasted me two weeks straight on the road and I realized that they all had a few things in common: they were comfortable, they were neutral and they contained a small percentage of spandex or rayon. I like a basic grey/black/white tee + jeans and I’m set.

Current Base (and still building!)

I’ve included eight outfits based on some of my favorite shirts/tops. It doesn’t include a few pieces that were in the wash (favorite AE jeans, Free People grey tee and a Lulu’s camo tee).





  1. Forever 21 tank top (57% cotton, 38% polyester, 5% spandex), Henry and Belle jean shorts and Birkenstocks
  2. Uniqlo tank top (70% modal, 30% linen), Target cardigan (100% rayon), jean shorts from Nordstrom, Mohinder sandals
  3. Lulu’s Tee Spirit Black tee (95% modal, 5% spandex), American Eagle jeans in short, strappy sandals from Target years ago
  4. Nasty Gal Play Favorites tee (93% rayon, 7% spandex), Urban Outfitters lace shorts, Jessica Simpson wedges
  5. Lulu’s Slice Going Ivory tee (95% rayon, 5% spandex), Rag and Bone jeans, strappy sandals from Target years ago
  6. Kit and Ace Calvert tee in black (Technical Cashmere that’s machine washable), American Eagle jeans, Jessica Simpson wedges
  7. Lulu’s City Life Beige tank (95% rayon, 5% spandex), jean shorts from Nordstrom, ankle booties from Nordstrom Rack
  8. Leith tank top from Nordstrom (60% polyester, 22% cotton, 18% rayon), American Eagle jeans, Jessica Simpson wedges

Tips and Tricks

I machine wash everything but I line dry the items that contain spandex. Honestly, I don’t wash my clothes every time I wear them. I try to get a few wears out of them before washing. I sit in our airconditioned studio all day so I have the ability to do that. Your clothes will last longer if you try not to run them through the machines.

After learning that I love a super soft tee/tank, I’m able to go shopping in-person pretty easily. I look for stuff that’s soft and I make sure that it’s not ‘dry clean only.’ When I’m shopping online, I do the following:

  • I’ll search a combination of color (nude, black, white, grey) or fabric (rayon, spandex, cotton).
  • I’ll check out how tall their models are because a shirt that hits a 5’10” model at the hip will be really long on me!
  • If I’m browsing by style, I’ll just be sure to check the reviews and specs/details.
  • I also will check the petite sections on shops like Anthro or ASOS.

I know that I look taller when I wear dark tops with dark pants (even taller with heels). Outfit #3 paired with the pose makes me look a few inches taller which can be a confidence booster when I need it. I’m currently diving into dresses/skirts to find what works for me best.

Any fellow short ladies have any of their own tips on buying clothes that fit + feeling boss?

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Comments (11)

  • We have very similar capsule wardrobe styles! Just switch out your jeans for black pants, and you pretty much have my wardrobe. I’m 5’3″ and have similar requirements for super soft and machine-washable fabrics.

    • Oh and to answer your question about places to shop – I generally get most of my stuff at Old Navy and Forever21. Yes, even pants.

      Because I don’t buy a lot of clothing in general, I want to build a higher quality capsule wardrobe by shopping at Banana Republic or JCrew, etc… but because I’m now so picky I can’t seem to find pieces that fit me like my tried-and-true pieces from less expensive stores!

      • I do still love Forever21. A lot of the Jcrew/Banana stuff is too big! I also have enjoyed ASOS just because of their petite section but shipping takes foreverrrr.

  • Alaina B.

    I love this. Only wearing what you love makes such a difference. And, I’ve completely cut my wardrobe in half with a move to Seattle. I can wear almost everything year-round!

    • That’s amazing!! I do hate getting all my huge winter clothes out every year. But I do love my winter clothes a lot. Everything is comfortable and oversized haha.

  • I’m between 5′ and 5’1 and I had been struggling to build a capsule wardrobe. Then I realized I really just wore the same things over and over again – the same two pairs of jeans, same tops, same t-shirts – so I just started looking for more of the same but different. I really love Jill GG’s blog, and I have started subscribing to her same basic principles – neutral and comfortable with a little bit of dressy here and there. I like the BR linen t-shirts and tanks when I can get them on sale. They drape really well and aren’t too long.

  • I love fabrics that have a bit of spandex in them too, and rayon is one of my all time favorite fabrics. I also try to not to wash clothes after every time I wear them, and I wash them in gentle cycle, too.

    Lately, I’ve been getting rid of A LOT of clothes (preparing for a big move! O_O), so I feel it’s the perfect time to really focus on what I do and don’t like in my wardrobe!

    Also, I totally agree with feeling weird about taking pictures of yourself. I always feel like an ass when I take endless pictures of my face to document my makeup. :P

    • Yes! Rayon has totally changed my life haha. We shouldn’t feel so weird taking pictures of ourselves though because I LOVE when you post photos of makeup! I can’t stand it when people don’t show what it looks like on! Keep doing it (for me) :)

  • Just catching up on your blog & you’re kind of the cutest! LOVE this post :) So well thought out and put together, just like you!! xx

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