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I was shooting non-stop last month for our Death to Stock trip. I got tired of lugging my DSLR around and haven’t really touched it in a few weeks besides full day client shoots. It makes me sad and am thinking about buying a smaller camera for everyday life with friends, family and at our studio. Something like this or this. Snapchat has made me realize I miss those “home videos” as documentation. PS my username is pallieaa (like paella but not).

Here’s a random assortment of shoots from the last month or so. Shoots for Allium, Earnest Home Co., The Cleaver Group, Core OhioEdna Valley and an impromptu morning shoot in San Diego with Vanessa!

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  • I know it’s a bit more than the ones you posted, but I have an older generation of the Canon Powershot G1X and LOVE it. The flip-out screen is great for getting some creative shots while traveling, and it feels like such a nice compact alternative to bringing a DSLR along while not compromising on good quality photos.

    • I totally had a powershot in 2009 and LOVED it but rarely used video on it. I’m going to check it out now. I could definitely get a used one…

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