All The Details








A couple months ago, I shared about our new couch from Interior Define. We got two other small couches that I hope to share later this year. We have one in our actual working office (enclosed) and one we plan to use in the warehouse.

We finally worked on the last few details in the main area of our studio once we were done traveling but after we conquered our own sinus infections. We set a budget of $300 to get the rest of the outstanding items finished before we stopped to save for the big ticket items for our warehouse.

Here’s what we got from Home Goods and Lowes:

  • A lamp
  • Standing plant hanger
  • A LOT of succulents, hanging plants (this really adds up)
  • Soil, a few planters + pots, and a watering can
  • Glass containers for coffee and snacks
  • A few wire baskets for miscellaneous stuff
  • A paper towel holder and a bronze soap dispenser
  • Two huge mirrors (framed in bronze) for above the double sink in our bathroom

My favorite new additions are the plants. Those two plant boxes will soon hang over the edge and we’ll slowly keep adding some to make a “plant wall” just like this. Someday I want to create one like this, but we’ll probably order a bulk amount of succulents on Etsy vs buying them at a store nearby.

Besides our seating (couches and chairs), everything has been handmade by those we love. Our tables and shelves are all made with random pieces of wood we’ve had or have been given. We wanted to continue with that theme and made our coffee bar shelf with a pallet. It’s not perfect. It’s not exactly level. But we love it.   

Our next challenge is just getting our warehouse to where it can be used by our project manager and intern(s). We have a lot of space but it’s not designed in a way that lets us spread out and have our own workspaces. Technically we do…but it feels like a dungeon back there. We hope to get the warehouse painted completely white (walls, ceiling, and floors) with some frosted garage doors. Perhaps next year.

If you haven’t, I hope you can visit someday!

June 30, 2015