A New Orleans Trip


New Orleans was the second stop on our Death to Stock road trip. We arrived last Tuesday after a time with family over Memorial Day weekend and headed straight to Satsuma for some healthy food. I had been awake since 5am and when I feel grimy, I want eggs and juice!

We spent the rest of the day catching up emails and then somehow got hungry again. We snagged burgers (it seems to be a tradition when we all travel together) and then finally slept.



On Wednesday, we were able to duck into our Airbnb owner’s boutique right in front of the apartment. It’s called Neon Heart and it’s wonderful. A great assortment of sunglasses (as I’m modeling here) and hats.



On Thursday, we explored more neighborhoods like the French Quarter and daaaaang was it hot. Highlights: Adam enjoyed a beignet and I stopped by Solange’s boutique! Later that night we attended (and sponsored) Ciera‘s Made in Mind Social event! Check out their amazing conference that’s happening this fall!





We spent our last full day in the swamps of Louisiana and closed out the trip with some BBQ!

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Comments (9)

  • What a special trip! Also, love seeing my sister’s smile :)

  • I’m yet to go there. Hopefully, this Summer…
    The more I see photos of NOLA, the more I see the risk in going there: I may wanna stay for good. :)

    • You should go and let me know what you think!! I don’t think I could live in that humidity though… haha

  • LOVE it! It was go great to hang out for a bit, looks like y’all got so much in for a short trip! :)

  • It was wonderful meeting you and David! Cool to see one of our Babes in your blog :) Looks like you had a wonderful time in our dear NOLA. Love the photos!

  • Thanks for great pics. We are going there as well ! Which Airbnb did you stay?

  • Yo, you should have hit us up for good-eat recs! We’re just up the road…Central Grocery’s muffaletta’s are a must, The Bulldog pulls in great booze, District Donuts is sublime, and Muriel’s at Jackson Square’s duck crepes are heavenly. You need to plan a trip back to just eat your way through the city…preferably not in the dead-heat of summer, which, as I’m sure you noticed, gifts everyone a gnarly case of swamp-ass.

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