The Wonder Jam is 2!




When I was freelancing by myself out of our “dining room-meets-living-room-meets-office,” I met Matt on a web design project. He was the developer and it was honestly one of the first websites I ever created. After collaborating a couple more times, he gradually came on as The Wonder Jam’s developer! We were so excited when we found out his band (The Local Strangers…I designed their logo!) would be embarking on a house tour this spring!

A few weeks ago, we hosted a studio concert and invited all of our favorite people. Pro tip: snag an amazing mixologist, provide free alcohol + get great music. Then your party will be complete.

Without realizing it, this was sort of our “Happy 2nd birthday to The Wonder Jam” party. We had one two years ago when we launched and another last May. Eventually, we’ll just be in the business of throwing parties. Next up…summer barbecue!

May 5, 2015