Staycations Are For Everyone


This summer I will have lived in Columbus, Ohio for SIX years. The last few years have flown by and the more we travel, the more I appreciate this fine city. We started off in the suburbs (blech), lived close to campus (oye) but finally settled in the Grandview area almost four years ago. We’ve experienced blizzards, negative temps, crazy OSU fans and the Doo Dah Parade. We’ve considered moving somewhere warmer (or with fewer allergens) a million times. And yet here we are. It’s home.



Last week we kicked off our four-city road trip here in Columbus. We took two days off to act like tourists in our own town. We visited new places for brunch (Zoe and Philco), Cherbourg for something sweet, we walked downtown, we bought everyone rounds of cocktails, wandered around a metro park and spent time with Brandon Rike as he re-designed our logo in a day.




I’m glad we could rep home during this adventure. It forced me to look at this city in a new light (we distributed the 50 Columbus photos to our backers this week) and pick up my camera for fun again. After awhile, shooting can feel like a chore and I hate when that happens.



Bottom line: it’s important to implement staycations often. It’s important to find peace amidst chaos. Don’t forget that you can sit on your front porch and leave your phone inside. You can find those pockets of rest in the day-to-day life. Tired of designing? Pick up a paint set. Tired of shooting commercial shoots? Pick up a 35mm camera. Tired of your laptop? SHUT THE DAMN THING!