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I do these posts every few months because after awhile I feel like I’m blogging (or lack thereof) to faceless ghosts. I like to share some random things and updates and then ask you to do the same. I have some fun content coming up this month including a series on doing a few upgrades around our studio, buying things like cars + computers when you work for yourself and lots of travel! The photo above is of me that Adam took. At first I hated it but then I was like, dude that’s me. We all have to love ourselves a bit more.

Answer any (or all) of the questions in the comment section! I respond to everyone so let’s be friends!

  1. What’s the weirdest thing(s) about you?
  2. Are you traveling at all this summer?
  3. Are you a nail polish-less person? Gels? Acrylics? Tell me your nail routine!
  4. Staple item in your life right now? Could be clothing, tech, paper, etc.
  5. Cats or dogs?

My answers below:

The weirdest thing about me is probably that I make up words 24/7. Not words that sound like real words but words that sound like babies or aliens made them up.

I am! Chicago, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Los Angeles and DC! Maybe we can meet up? Along with your travel plans + answers, share recs! OR your email if you want to meet up.

Lately I’ve been applying regular polish but hate the way it chips so quickly. I got gel manis consistently back in 2013 but stopped because they were making my nailbeds so weak. I get nail envy when I see a good acrylic manicure but 1) I would poke out my eye and 2) I would want to rip them off while I was on my computer or shooting photos.

I can’t get enough of this black vegan leather backpack that I picked up at Nordstrom Rack! I seriously will get home and wear it around the house because I forget it’s on. HA!

DOGS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can’t wait to read your answers!

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Comments (65)

  • I love to eat peanut butter and pepperoni! It was a staple in my house when my mother was pregnant with my brother and though she no longer eats it, I love the taste.

    Nope not at all. I plan on staying close to home as much as possible this summer. I’m saving up for an epic honeymoon to Japan!

    I love painting my nails, I do it weekly but I’m bad at it and the designs never turnout according to plan. I mostly do it for some uninterrupted, weekly self pampering.

    I just bought a glorious new bright green crossbody bag which is bringing so much joy to my life. It holds everything I need but is teeny!

    100% Dogs!

    • Okay pepperoni + pb is so weird but now I hae to try it. do you slice it up and just spread it? hahaha! I love a bold crossbody bag! Where did you get it?

  • I LOVE Broadway musicals soundtracks and singing along. They are just so catchy and funny.
    I just got back from South Africa 2 weeks ago, so I’m laying pretty low this summer. Although, I will be heading up north, like almost every other Minnesotan, for a week at the cabin.
    ugh, nail polish. I’m with you – I love having nail polish on but it annoys me how quickly it chips, so I’m usually nail polish-less.
    hmm, do sweet potatoes count? I just get enough lately!
    And DOGS FOR SURE!! :)

    • Sweet potatoes are the best! I just had a sweet potato hash for lunch and it was delicious. How was South Africa? We have considered visiting some friends there next year!

      • South Africa was amazing and so unexpected! We went to visit friends in Johannesburg! Where are your friends living? I would highly recommend Cape Town and a safari in Kruger National Park! :)

  • I actually like waking up early on the weekends, because it’s quiet time to myself and the world seems to still be sleeping. Most people don’t get why I do it on the weekends, but I think it’s good for the soul.
    Yes!! Next month my husband and I are taking a long weekend to Palm Springs. Then, we have plans to head back to Louisville/Cbus to see some old friends! :) And we are going to be going to Spain as well to see family.
    I am a once or twice a year gel polish person. I agree that it isn’t good for my nails, but the regular polish takes s-o-o-o-o long to dry! And I can chip my nails like a champ! You should try Vinylux. It’s a line that is made for weekly polish changes, and it truly lasts from a week to 10 days, no chips!
    My Traveler’s Notebook. It’s a journal/organizer/memory keeper all in one. I’ve never been a huge journaler, but I like to keep lists and check things off, hang on to things from events and hangouts with friends, etc. Oh, and my friend makes them, which means I can support her missionary trip and have a beautiful notebook to carry. Win-win!

    PS: I’m the one who e-mailed you about meeting up when you guys come to LA with Death To The Stock Photo. Let’s do it! ;) (mypersonalcoffeebreak@gmail.com)

    • I totally get the waking up early thing. It’s hard for me to wake up but I never regret it. Also yay fun trips! I’m responding to your email now and would looove to meet up!

  • 1. What a hard question! I certainly have many quirks (don’t we all). I love learning? I get kind of obsessed when I am into something new. I know lots of people hated school etc but I love expanding my consciousness. I even used to love doing Maths exams because they were challenging. That said it has taken me almost three years to write my dissertation for my masters because I got bored with it. Deadline is in sight though.
    2. Lots of travel plans this summer which are kind of crazy but exciting. My husband is a teacher and I do admin at the school so we have over two months of holiday. We will be heading to Japan for our anniversary (1 year) and also kind of our honeymoon. We’re back a day and then head to Bologna with friends for a night to see a concert and then we head to Crete with them for 10 days of chilling out! Then at the end of the summer we are heading to London (our old home) to see six friends (3 couples) get married. So excited!
    3. Pretty much nail-polish less. I really like the idea of nail-polish but just never get around to doing it. I will buy a bottle or two a year and paint my nails once and then they languish at the back of draw somewhere.
    4. Staple item is my puffy jacket from Zara. It makes me feel more Italian and is definitely useful for the spring chill that seems to be forever lingering this year.
    5. I used to be a cat person but the city we live in in Italy is crazy for dogs and I am getting major puppy-want.

    I totally love this blog series idea by the way. A great way to make a community.

    • Your travel plans sound amazing!! Hope to see lots of updates on your site or social. Although I would understand wanting to disconnect. I love a good staple from Zara. They do simplicity very well and I have a light puffy coat and feel the same way about it! I’m always warm/cool enough with it on!

  • What’s the weirdest thing(s) about you?
    I’m not a doctor, nor do I have any medical training whatsoever, but I have a weird fascination with medical conditions. I’m the only person I know that actually enjoys watching “Untold Stories of the ER.” That said, I still dislike going to the doctor. Crowded waiting rooms freak me out.

    Are you traveling at all this summer?
    Yes! My husband and I are going to San Francisco/Sonoma next week for an anniversary trip. (That counts as summer, right?). And, fingers crossed, I’ll be piggy-backing on his work trip to Sweden in June and we’ll be going to Stockholm. Other than that, summertime in Chicago feels like a constant vacation with all the street festivals and outdoor eating/drinking, so we’ll definitely be partaking in all of that.

    Would love to meet for coffee while you’re in Chicago! debbielabedz@gmail.com

    Are you a nail polish-less person? Gels? Acrylics? Tell me your nail routine!
    I’m definitely a nail polish person, though I mostly do my own nails. Once in a while, but especially during the summer, I’ll treat myself to a pedicure.

    Staple item in your life right now? Could be clothing, tech, paper, etc.
    Always coffee. And striped shirts. I find myself wearing one every other day without even noticing.

    Cats or dogs?
    DOGS! I’m allergic to cats.

    • That is so interesting re: medical/doctor stuff! Did you ever consider going into medicine/healthchare? Also your travel plans sound amazing!!! And I’d love to connect in Chicago. Will email you!! (ps: yes to coffee, always).

  • What’s the weirdest thing(s) about you?
    There are too many to list, especially in this public a forum! But my latest weird quirk is that I feel a rush of happiness when I finish something trivial. Finally hit pan on that seldom-worn eye shadow? Score! Cook a recipe using the last of the sour cream? So accomplished. I’ve been trying to declutter and simplify but feel guilty throwing things away that “I might use” or “are still good…” so being able to get to the bottom of a product and then only having the packaging left to recycle feels liberating, ha.

    Are you traveling at all this summer?
    My love and I both travel often for work and have been sneaking side adventures into each trip, so I feel like we’ve experienced a lot already. We may even make it to Oktoberfest this year!

    Also, I’m in LA and would love to meet up – dianaturk at gmail dot com.

    Are you a nail polish-less person? Gels? Acrylics? Tell me your nail routine!
    Nothing at all. Manicures chip instantly for me, and the chemicals freak me out, so I just try to make my bare nails looks as lovely as possible (Sephora has a cheap 4-sided filing/buffer tool that is magic.)

    Staple item in your life right now? Could be clothing, tech, paper, etc.
    Manuka honey. I have jars stashed all over my apartment and use one for facial masks, one for eating (toast with tahini, cinnamon, fancy salt and honey is usually breakfast), one as first aid for tiny cuts, the list goes on.
    (PS: I loved Debbie’s response above – it’s coffee and accidental striped shirts for me as well!)

    Cats or dogs? Dogs!

    • I love that quirk! So awesome to get excited about little things. People don’t often do that. I will email you about LA, too! I’ll be there the first week of June. Now I need to look into this Manuka honey.

  • I am from Barcelona but have lived in DC for a while (thats where my family is now) and I am studying at Tulane University in New Orleans. I didn’t really like NOLA at all when I first visited as a tourist but now I am falling in love with this city! I have discovered all these up and coming areas that are redeveloping after Katrina and New Orleans is getting this young and hip vibe. These past few days there has been constant skywriting all over the city: things like “LOVE” “EXIST” “JAZZ” <3
    I am trying to make guides for DC and NOLA for all my friends who are visiting this summer and I'll send them to you!
    I will be interning in NYC and living in Brooklyn and then flying to Barcelona this July (and hopefully hopping over to Morocco to visit a friend, fingers crossed)
    so excited for you and your travelsss

    • Thanks Giulia!! Will we miss each other in New Orleans? I’d love any and all your recs!

  • Whoa, this is a cool post idea. I love the idea of connect with people like this. Please write a post about your travels! I’m trying to decide what city to move to in a few months and I love hearing people describe the vibes of different cities.

    Okay let me answer a few! –

    2. I’m actually moving back to Atlanta from Vegas so that I can do some more traveling these upcoming month. So far I’ve got Turks and Caicos, Dallas, and Memphis, but I’m hoping to add in some time in Florida, and possibly a trip back to Vegas (I love it so much, I’m having withdrawals about leaving).

    3. For the past year I’ve done my own nails, and I grew them out pretty long, but lately they’ve been breaking off so I’m switching to acrylics. That way I can get my almond shape nails back. Plus having long nails makes me feel pretty bad ass so lately I’ve been feeling like a bear without it’s claws. No bueno.

    5. Cats. I like to be left alone and I don’t like responsibility – my cat understands this and we both agree to ten minutes max of interaction a day, and then we continue our separate lives lol.

    – Z.

    • I totally will! I plan to recap my trips. Yours sound AMAZING! I do love long nails, too. I wish I could make the plunge and get acrylics but I get scared I’ll regret it. I haven’t had them since 2009.

  • Love these questions! One weird thing about me is that I love garlic, so much that one of my favorite quick meals is whole wheat spaghetti with raw garlic + lemon juice!

    This summer, I’m traveling to NYC to visit my best friend, who I haven’t seen in over a year. My boyfriend and I may take a few nearby weekend trips around SoCal this summer, but we’re saving up for a big end-of-the-year Europe trip (my first trip overseas!)

    I’m pretty low-maintenance so I hardly ever wear nail polish, but I do love a good manicure every now and then. Although, the reason my nails are rarely painted is because I chip them so fast and then get annoyed that they aren’t all uniform. I’ve never tried gels but I heard they last a lot longer, so as long as I’m patient enough to let them set, I may consider trying that soon.

    A few months ago, I desperately wanted to add a denim jacket to my wardrobe and I finally found an almost-perfect one at a thrift store (it’d be complete if only it had pockets!) I wear it as much as I can — with dresses, with sweatpants, to work, on a night out, to run errands, etc. I even wore it recently on an 8-hour road trip because the denim is super soft and cool enough that I don’t overheat while adding a great extra layer.

    I’m partial to dogs because I prefer their loving, joyful personalities but I’ve also met some pretty cool cats in my life! But if I were to bring an animal into my life now, it’d definitely be a dog :)

    • YUMM. Weird thing about me? I love garlic but if I get too much of it, I instantly get nauseous (and sad). Gels did last me a good 2 weeks but then I would grow tired of the color! When will you be in NYC? I think I will be in July or August! PS good find with the jacket.

  • Oh! Also, I’m in L.A. and would love to meet up while you’re here! kyla.hickey@gmail.com

  • 1 – I’ve been studying Korean for about two years. People always ask me why and I don’t have much of a reason. It’s an interesting language!
    Bonus – I don’t really like ice cream. The texture kinda disgusts me.
    2 – We just got back from a short LA trip but I’ll be heading back out in August for the Yellow Conference. Super pumped about that! Also will be stopping in Denver late July for my grandfather’s birthday.
    3 – I’m a freak about things matching so I actually hate colored nail polish. What if it clashes with my outfit?! I will only wear black, white, clear, or nothing at all.
    4 – Staple item has to be my Hustle coffee mug from Hands & Hustle. Such a great motivator!
    5 – DOGS. I die at that new Geico commercial where the cat is ignoring the dude in the quicksand. I can appreciate their frosty demeanor but don’t really like being around them, lmao…

    I know you don’t eat gluten so check if these places have GF stuff:

    In LA: Lemonade, Burger Lounge, Urth Caffe. In Minneapolis: Matt’s, Victor’s 1959 Cafe. I like this series Allie :D Have fun on your travels!

    • I didn’t love ice cream until I ate Jeni’s. OH MY GOSH SO GOOD. But texture..same as most haha. I like your stance on neutral polish, btw!! I think my outfits are so bland that any color livens it up haha. PS I need to see this commercial. And thanks for the recs!

  • 1. I don’t make up words, but I make up songs about what I’m doing throughout the day, haha. My husband has always had a weird habit of doing this, and I’ve picked up on it. We are just constantly singing (and I feel that I should tell you we are both TERRIBLE singers). We sing to our daughter a lot too about what we are eating, changing her diaper, etc. It’s strange.

    2. Tons! We are actually on our way to Charleston, SC this very moment. Asheville next month, Charlotte sometime this summer, and Georgia in June. Love it!

    3. I paint them when I have time, but time is precious now with a 16-month-old daughter running around. Love having them done, though- makes me feel so much more put together!

    3. Coffee (cold brew espresso with light vanilla almond milk…delish) + my Target sandals. Nice and simple.

    4. Can I say both? We have two dogs (an Airedale and a Scottie) and a cat, though I would always choose dogs if I had to pick.

    • Haha that is AMAZING about making up songs. I love it. Ohhh I love your trips – that sounds so fun. I’ve heard Charleston is wonderful. Also – cold brew espresso? SOUNDS HEAVENLY!

  • Oh I love this idea. :)

    1. What’s the weirdest thing(s) about you?
    I’m very careful when it comes to books. Some would even call it “strange” or “weird”. Because with paperbacks I always make sure not to break the spine. And in fact, every single one of my books looks like a new copy from the bookstore. ♥ – That’s why I also never lend books to anyone. Haha…

    2. Are you traveling at all this summer?
    I actually have plans for travelling all by myself this summer for the very first time. I hope everything turns out well. I can’t wait for it to happen. ♥

    3. Are you a nail polish-less person? Gels? Acrylics? Tell me your nail routine!
    I love nail polish, but I just wear it on special occasions. I guess that’s the best thing to do for me, because I’m always lazy to remove it afterwards. Haha :)

    4. Staple item in your life right now? Could be clothing, tech, paper, etc.
    Nuts, in all variations. :) I changed my meal plan just a month ago. It had to be a little bit more healthier than it was before and I realized that nuts are my new best friend. I only eat a handful of them every day, but I’m always looking forward to this special treat. :)

    5. Cats or dogs?
    Dogs – always dogs.


    • That is so weird about the spine. I love weird, so it’s okay. I’m the complete opposite! I flatten out the book and make it all loose. I’d probably give you a heart attack haha. And can yo keep me posted on traveling alone? I’ve only done it once and it was a struggle for me!

      • I’ll definitely do that! :)
        And yes you are right. Your book reading habits would kill me (at least if I had to watch) haha :)

  • 1. I am an archaeologist, but I always pretended to be a secretary, seriously, my love for stationery is insane!
    2. Unfortunately I am not.
    3. I usually don’t care about my nails, I cut them short and sometimes I apply a colorful nail polish.
    4. My iPhone and my journal.
    5. I used to be a dog person, but after 3 years with my rescued little princess (a cat), I’m a cat person…but I still melt when I meet a dog on the street!

    • That is so hilarious! I bet there are some secretaries out there who wish to be archaeologists. I still have yet a cat that I love but I’m also allergic so I don’t think that helps much.

  • 1. After I eat bacon, I always feel like drinking milk.

    2. My cousin is getting married in September in New York, so we’re traveling there. My dad wants to go to Spain and Portugal afterward, and after THAT, I’m planning on moving to London for six months to be with my boyfriend, FINALLY.

    3. I love nail polish, but it also chips way too fast on me. I’ve been pretty good about painting my nails at least once a week, but sometimes I get so disenchanted, like why do I spend so much time making my nails pretty only to have them look trashed two days later? D;

    4. Hm. I recently bought a pair of glasses on Coastal.com, and I love them. :3

    5. I have a dog, but I do like cats. My boyfriend and I have this weird thing about cats, like we pretend to be cat/human hybrids (like Business Cat, kinda sorta?). It’s hard to explain, and it’s actually probably weirder than the bacon and milk thing, if I’m being honest.

    • Mmmm bacon and milk. That made me chuckle. I love people’s weird food combos. Congrats on the eventual longer trip to London! I bet you can’t wait. Also, I’ve been eyeing glasses on Coastal! Glad to hear you love it. (and yes, business cat…better than milk bacon)

  • I so love these posts!

    1. The weirdest thing about me is that my fiance has the same last name just spelled differently (mine is Wills, his is Wilz). It really messes with people and I’m seriously considering hyphenation after marriage just for the sake of being ridiculous.
    2. I will only be dreaming of traveling this summer. I’m on that wedding planning budget.
    3. I’m totally a nail polish person! I paint my nails at least twice a week. I find it very zen.
    4. Lately I’m obsessed with that new Covergirl Lash Bloom mascara (the one with Katy Perry in the ads). It’s my new fave drugstore find.
    5. Neither (don’t hate me!). I’m crazy allergic to everything.

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts! :)

    • YES YOU HAVE TO BE ASHLEY WILLS-WILZ (or whatever order it is). That’s amazing. I totally feel ya on the allergic. I’m probably even slightly allergic to my own dog. Oh what we do for love…haha.

  • Yay! I’m in DC. How can I connect when you guys get here?
    What’s the weirdest thing(s) about you? That I am addicted to ink pens. I have a huge bucket of them in my office. A lot of them are duplicates and I cant stop buying them! Plus, they have to be a certain ball width. Total OCD pen person. LOL!
    2.Are you traveling at all this summer?
    Yep! Going on a cruise this week (Mexico) and to NY later this summer. WOOHOO!
    3.Are you a nail polish-less person? Gels? Acrylics? Tell me your nail routine!
    I love polish (Essie). I can change my polish like once a week. I literally have 50 shades of pink. To me, they are all different. LOL! Yet, I am a polish-less person. I just haven’t had the time lately. I have a Pinterest board full of nail stuff though. LOL! (https://www.pinterest.com/vondahoward/little-piggies/)
    4.Staple item in your life right now? Could be clothing, tech, paper, etc.
    My staple item of the moment is my Surface Pro 3. I got it for Christmas (after drooling and whining over it to my hubby all year…LOL) and this this is attached to my arm. I even have a cute pink Minnie Mouse cover on it!
    5.Cats or dogs?
    Cats totally. Can’t have one though, I am CRAZY allergic. I mean, inhaler -rush me to the hospital allergic. Not a big dog fan, but they are cute to look at.

    • What’s your email? I’ll send you a note! So do you like a thin or thick pen? I must know! I also always had a million shades of pink and sometimes I would laugh at how many were TOO close in color. I clearly know what I love!

  • hi hi! a few things…

    1. one of my favorite ways to spend an evening is to encourage/force my boyfriend to go spend time with his friends so I can sit at home, drink red wine, color in a coloring book and watch terrible Netflix shows. (um, #adulthood) I feel like you can appreciate these simple introvert pleasures.

    2. my travel buddy (my mom!) and I are camping at Glacier National Park for a week, and then I’m heading to the Connecticut shore for a week. Seattle is so far from Cleveland I won’t make it to WMC Fest this year :( are you going again?

    3. I gave up nail polish and gave all of my collection to my friend. My nails are so much stronger now and I’ve found I don’t miss the constant chipping!


    • #1 <---- my life. HA! Your trips sound amazing!! And I'm not sure about WMC Fest. The older I get the more introverted and scared of conferences I get. I am lame. Also, when we moved, I went from 100 bottles of polish to about 10 and it's AMAZING. Maybe sometime I'll go polish-less.

  • Only just now seeing this post! I am in the midst of catching up on work and blog reading, haha.

    What’s the weirdest thing(s) about you?
    Allie, we are very much on the same page on this. I make up words ALL THE TIME. In English and Spanish! Or, I make random or strange noises throughout the day. I do it so consistently that Alex doesn’t even look up anymore. Also, I’ll randomly quote movies/TV shows/YouTube videos and again, I’m pretty sure Alex is the only one that understands me.

    Are you traveling at all this summer?
    I’m only traveling in early June to Texas; my little sister is graduating from high school! That kid grew up so fast. When are you going to be in Chicago? We should get coffee! :)

    Are you a nail polish-less person? Gels? Acrylics? Tell me your nail routine!
    It takes a lot of effort on my part to get my nails done. My nails have always been pretty healthy so I’ve always stayed away from gels and acrylics out of fear of ruining them. With summer on the way, I might try to get my nails done a little more often.

    Staple item in your life right now? Could be clothing, tech, paper, etc.
    My Everlane tote bag. I always carry so much stuff with me during the work week and it’s the perfect size.

    Cats or dogs?
    Don’t make me choose! I have two cats at home but I love dogs just as much. I will literally greet every dog I see on the street.

    • Ahhh! We are weird word twins! Adam is the same way or he’ll actually engage and be wierd back. That is amazing. And I’ll be in Chicago May 6-10! I hope you’re free!! I’d love to finally meet in real life :)

      • Yay, you get here tomorrow! I’m pretty open while you’re here. Email me (danielaygarcia@gmail.com) and we can see if we can make plans! :)

  • Love this post!! :) I like your answer to #1 – I enjoy making up words too. haha And all your travels this summer sound amazing. I haven’t been to half those places – makes me want to plan a road trip!! Here are my answers:

    1. I recently discovered I have a weird genetic quirk called “photic sneeze reflex” – otherwise known as “sun sneezing”. If I’m indoors, in a tunnel or somewhere dark then come out into sunlight, I sneeze! I thought for the longest time everyone had this, but ends out it only effects 7% of the population (according to wikipedia). There isn’t much research done on it since it’s not damaging in any way. It’s just funny :)

    2. I’m working this summer to save up for a trip to Japan this fall for my 30th birthday :) I live in Brooklyn, but I plan to rent a car and take day trips to go hiking or to the beach – along with taking advantage of all the fun outdoor activities the city has to offer (smorgasburg, anyone?!)

    3. I was the same as you. I used to get fancy gel nails all the time from this japanese nail art salon in 2013. Now I try to paint my own nails and when they get really bad, I go get $7 mani/pedi to fix them up.

    4. Pen and a sketchbook. I’ve been drawing on my commute ;)

    5. DOGS! And turtles…because I have a pet turtle :)

    • OMG I HAVE THAT SNEEZING THING TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally shocked right now. It also happens to me when I eat strong peppermint and dark dark chocolate (but that makes more sense than the sun thing). When I get into the car in the morning I just keep my eyes closed WITH my sunglasses on.

  • Audrey

    What’s the weirdest thing(s) about you? – I’m terrified of heights but I love to fly. Also, I’m an adventurous eater (will try almost anything once!) but I end up eating the same meals all the time over and over and over and could easily eat the same thing for lunch every day for a month and probably never get tired of it.

    Are you traveling at all this summer? – Yes! I’m going to Vegas on business but staying a couple extra days for the biggest annual Roller Derby convention. All my derby heroes will be there and there will be some amazing all-star bouts to watch!

    Are you a nail polish-less person? Gels? Acrylics? Tell me your nail routine! – Most of the time I am just too lazy to do my nails. I try to get a pedicure every now and then for self-care reasons but I’m just so hard on my hands that I can’t justify it. I really try to keep chemical-free polishes on my nails, so I do my own nails with Jamberry lacquers (no, I don’t sell it, I just like the product) and if I want some flare I use one of their wraps as an accent or something. Their lacquers are hearty and hold up to the abuse I give my nails when I type or whatever.

    Staple item in your life right now? – I have gotten a few racerback shirts for the gym and for skating that I’m really, really loving. If only I could wear them to work. So comfy and they show off my new tattoo.

    Cats or dogs? – Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. I want a small house in a big field so I can adopt them all.

    • I also want a small house with a big yard so I can have all the dogs. ALSO – kind of laughed out loud when you clarified that you don’t sell for Jamberry cause their sales ladies looooove to push that stuff. And have fun in Vegas! I love that city and mostly off the strip. I end up just zoning all the people out and enjoying the dry heat.

      • Yeah I wanted to make sure you didn’t think I was trying to sell you something. I’m just super wary of chemicals in my cosmetics! I’m not big on the strip either. I want to go see the old casino sign graveyard!

  • Hi Allie!

    I just found your blog by way of Death to Stock. Here’s a little bit about me:

    1. I get the hiccups immediately after eating spicy food. Bring on the Sriracha! And on a completely different note, there was a time in college when I was obsessed with the 1970s/80s Little House on the Prairie TV series, ha. If you ever need Seasons 1-6, just let me know!

    2. Going to NYC for the first time at the end of May. I’m most excited to see Les Mis (my all-time favorite) on Broadway. So excited! I might try to get to DC for a weekend, too, but for the most part I’ll just be hanging out in Columbus. I’m pretty new to the area and would love to meet up for coffee sometime! shyla.nott@gmail.com

    3. I do this thing where I buy nail polish but then never paint my nails. I should work on that. My sister on the other hand is the nail polish queen.

    4. Instagram. My DeWalt drill :)

    5. Dogs. Especially big dogs.


    • Glad you found me :) I’m responding 3 months late but oh well!! First of all, I was obsessed with ALL THINGS Little House on the Prairie. I love you. Also, how was Les Mis? I saw it in London and IT’S THE FREAKIN BEST!

  • 1. There’s a lot of questionable traits I have that could be weird but since I’m okay with them is makes them the weirdest.
    2. Yes! NYC and Palm Springs!
    3. I have a blog post on how to use your gel nail system with regular polish (because the gel ones are super expensive and this is way cheaper!)
    4. I’ll admit it’s my Apple Watch. I barely look at my phone now.
    5. Both! Not in the same room though. At least not with my cat or dog.

  • Susie

    Love this.
    1. One of the many weird things about me is that I love to have salads for breakfast.
    2. Yes, my husband and I have a boat so we are planning on going across Lake Michigan to one of the many cute towns over there, just not sure where yet.
    3. I love having my nails done, I suck at doing them myself however. I always pick a soft pink or nude color because I hate how they look when they start to grow out with darker colors.
    4. I would say my phone.
    5. Cats, I love how independent they are. I love dogs too.

    • I somehow missed your response! I have never eaten salad for breakfast but maybe because I don’t like salads but I CAN have any regular type of dinner food, no problem.

  • What’s the weirdest thing(s) about you?
    Are you traveling at all this summer?
    Are you a nail polish-less person? Gels? Acrylics? Tell me your nail routine!
    Staple item in your life right now? Could be clothing, tech, paper, etc.
    Cats or dogs?

    • Well I’m smart, and pressed enter too soon!!

      1. I love black olives. I will eat a can of them as a snack sometimes.
      2. We might head up to the Dunes in Michigan for some outdoor adventure time!
      3. I never wear nail polish on my fingernails. Sometimes I have toenail polish. I feel like it destroys my nails more than anything, and I just can’t keep up with the maintenance. :)
      4. Oh my goodness. I have a planner that I hated at first, but with the months getting busier, it is completely necessary. I also just got this Orla Kiely bag from Target. It’s supposed to be a yoga bag but I’m using it as a work bag. I just loved the pattern and the citron-ish straps! It seems to be much sturdier than the other bags at Target right now.
      5. Cats. Although no pets currently…and probably not for like….years.

      • I love black olives too!!! I used to put them on all my fingers when I was little and eat them that way.

  • What’s the weirdest thing(s) about you?

    I bite my nails and the skin around them as if I’ve never eaten a morsel of food in my life. I don’t actual swollow anything, as I inconspicuously spit them out.

    Are you traveling at all this summer?

    My hope is yes? I live in an area that is rich with gorgeous sites to see, and I’m not too far from the coast, so a day trip isn’t out of the equation.

    Are you a nail polish-less person? Gels? Acrylics? Tell me your nail routine!

    I’m typically nail polish-less. My routine mostly consists of chewing them.

    Staple item in your life right now? Could be clothing, tech, paper, etc.

    Tech. Always tech. And my dog.

    Cats or dogs?

    I don’t think I could ever have a cat again, unless my dog wanted a pet for himself.

  • Theresa

    1. I can not flex my big toe toward me and my other toes away from me. Apparently everyone in my family can do this but me.
    2. No travel plans yet. Probably just long weekends to the Jersey Shore with the hubby & toddler.
    3. I hate the way my nails look without nail polish so I do try to paint them every two weeks. I am overdue for a mani/pedi and hopefully going after work today!
    4. I recently started using essential oils and I love diffusing them, adding them to my water, making roller balls for allergy relief. They are definitely a staple item in my daily routine. My husband thinks I’ve turned into a witch doctor.
    5. Dogs – rottweiler specifically!

    • I just tried the thing with my toes and I can do that. I’m so sorry! haha. Also, I love diffusing essential oils too!

  • Sarah

    Weirdest thing? I’m 40 and still, when no one else is in bed with me, sleep with a teddy bear. I feel like a crazy person, but my defense is a) Hey, a girl needs somethin to hang on to! and b) I read once that this is very common in Britain (might be a total lie, but I felt validated, ha!) Also, sometimes when I really need to get something done around the apartment, work, chores, whatever & I’m avoiding it, I put on my super bright bad-ass red lipstick, to help me get inspired :D

    Summer Travel? Was in New Orleans earlier this month and might be going back this summer, unless I stop seeing that dude, which is 100% possible. Also planning for North Carolina in July for a Songwriting workshop

    Nailpolish? UGH, I wish! I’ve got nail beds like a 5 year old, they look ridiculous when painted so I simply try to keep them shapely (haha, that words cracks me up!) I do however have fabulous feet (if I do say so myself) so I make up for what’s missing with my fingernails and almost always have my toes painted something fun

    Staple item? Always has been, probably always will be, my big silver hoop earrings

    Cats Cats Cats! I love dogs too, but I live in an apartment in Brooklyn, even just the thought of having a dog overwhelms me

    • Oh my gosh I love that you sleep with a teddy bear. THAT’S AMAZING AND WHY DON’T WE ALL DO THAT?! Well, I have my dog and he cuddles like a teddy bear. He just omits a lot of heat haha.

  • Maria

    Something weird – I clean my sink every day. Every day. To be truly weird I think that you must see your weird stuff as normal. The fact that I struggled to think of something makes me think that that might apply to me….
    Summer travels – Does camping near my house with my kids count? Then, hell, yeah I’m travelling. Oh and a little thing known as a honeymoon -in Santorini!
    Nail routine… Every 2 weeks -acrylics. Black nail polish in winter, bright coral in the summer. French if I’m embracing my inner Essex girl.
    Staple item – KINDLE circa 2009. It almost died on me this weekend and I swear tears sprang to my eyes…. I love him so much. How can one item bring so much joy. A library in my LV. I never could have dreamed up such a thing when reading Anne of Green Gables as a child.
    Cats. Something about those passive aggressive fur-balls makes my heart melt a bit.

    • Awww honeymoon! That’s so awesome!! I’m totally and completely dying to get acrylic nails. Did it totally kill/weaken your nail beds? I have really really strong nails but hate how short my fingers look and looooove the look of acrylics.

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