Conquering My Allergies

I had really subtle allergies as a kid and into college. Nothing debilitating. But then I moved to Ohio. I don’t know if my body changed or if I’m allergic to every tree/plant in the midwest, but it’s been crazy. For the first few years here, I just didn’t have the money to invest into addressing my allergies so I never got tested or received shots.

As I got older, I didn’t want shots so I started to seek out alternate forms of treatment. Sure, you can avoid going outside, you can wear a face mask, keep the A/C running, eat local honey and take Zyrtec but it wasn’t working for me.

This (early) spring, I started doing a handful of new things that helped SO much. My allergies, in the past, have started around April and this year I’ve only had about 3 bad days. Here’s what I do:

  • Acupuncture and cupping: I go to my acupuncturist, Tessa, twice a week to get acupuncture/cupping. It takes about 1.5-2 hours. It doesn’t hurt. I often fall asleep. I will continue to do this for forever. I can’t thank Tessa enough for all that she’s done for me!
  • Chinese Herbal Supplement: I take Yu Ping Feng San twice a day (4 capsules) that I get from my acupuncturist and it keeps my sneezing to a minimum. Plus it tastes like toasted deliciousness.
  • Neti Pot: I use the squeeze bottle version of a Neti Pot a few times a week. I’ll use it on nights when I’m congested before bed.
  • Nettle Tea: Nettle Tea is one of those things where you Google it and it says it helps with like…everything. Kind of like Coconut oil ha. I try to drink it every night.
  • I try to sleep 8 hours a night (lately this hasn’t worked) and eat real food.

Again, this is what has worked for me. I love not sneezing every day. I love driving with the windows down. I love being able to take morning meetings. I LOVE THE ENERGY. I hope this helps someone else.

*PS I still take Zyrtec every night. I’m too scared to stop but can tell you that it didn’t help much in years past (besides preventing my eyes from itching). 

May 28, 2015