I love portraiture. I love documenting people the way they see themselves (or help them understand how beautiful they really are). I had a client the other day say, “I want to look at a photo and see what I see when I look in a mirror.” It’s a challenge. We’ve all been there. “Is that what I look like?”

Since I’m an introvert, I actually really love shooting portraits. I can sit and talk one-on-one with the camera resting in my hand. I can say things that encourage and I’m able to manipulate the light and the body to make people look their best. I’m not a pro by any means, but it all intrigues me so.

It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I became really content in how I look in photographs. Not in a “Oh my gosh look how amazing I look” sort of way. But more in a “That is me. I love myself and how I look. I’ve experienced life and I’m proud of that person.”

Throughout this year, I hope to form a unique experience for other women. I want them to see a photo of themselves and say, “Yes that’s me!” Not because we’re tricking anyone or the camera but because we’re confident in who we are. It will be a relaxing experience. One filled with coffee/tea, music and deep conversation. I’m also excited to include printed portraits in these packages, too.

If you’re local (or within a few hours of Columbus), email me. Maybe we can book a session.

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  • Love this photo, and can so relate to what you’re saying. I feel the same way about my portraiture – I want to create beautiful images that people can look at and truly recognize themselves in.

  • Such a lovely photo!
    Interesting enough, on portraits, I never look like what I see in mirrors. Not once.
    I also love portraits. One of my favorite things is walking around Soho, shooting all those awesome strangers. One at a time, preferably.
    Sounded quite serial killer, put this way. =D

    • I don’t either! Except for a few select times so now I’m curious as to why! Haha and I totally relate (not as a fellow serial killer).

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