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Making friends as an adult can be weird. When I first moved to Columbus in 2009, I found all my friends via Twitter. Well, who am I kidding? This is still true. Just add Instagram to the list. I spent a lot of time in 2009 partaking in a lot of small talk. It was brutal.

Six years later, I now know some pretty incredible women all over the world. But it’s still hard. I’ll admit: running a business with your husband can be isolating. We’re together almost 24/7 and when we aren’t, I just need some time to myself. I have to be really intentional with my time with other women (who are also busy, married, dating, running businesses, side hustlin’ and more).

I’ve found that collaborating on passion projects with like-minded women has been an amazing experience. I co-wrote an ebook with my friend Claire in Australia, I hosted blogging workshops with my friend Erika, I so love and enjoy all our female clients, I bond over #ladyboss stuff with Jolie and just last weekend I spent the day with Marti of All Together Now and Kelley of Wonderfilled Mag.

For this season of my life, I’ll take it. But I’m excited to see how relationships (in general) shift as we get better at this work/life balance.

PS: Thanks to you all for being my internet friends!

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  • I read this post and thought, “I know what you mean!” I run a business with my husband and am an introvert. We have two children, but we are both so shy that it’s difficult to make friends! I’m so glad you shared your thoughts. I certainly fell less alone today.

    • I’m so glad you felt less alone today! It is very isolating (and props to you for also being a parent!!)

  • I can totally relate to this, I work from home with my husband as well and I can totally relate to this.

  • Oh, I am so glad to know I’m not the only one in this season!

    Nate and I are both introverts, so when we’re not working together it’s so easy to just become hermits and limit our social circle to our little boys! Haha! Finding the balance between living in community and being authentic to your personality is so tricky!

    That being said…we’d love to hang out with you guys! We’ve only been trying to get something on the calendar for a couple years, right? I’m sure that’s normal! :)

    • It’s SO easy to be a hermit. OMG we’ve been trying to hang out for so long. We travel a lot til June – this summer?

  • Erika Dellatorre

    Aweee I love you!!! I am so happy we had the chance to work together , spend more time together and get to know one another better in the process.

    Love and miss you always!


  • Fanette Rickert

    It feels really nice to read that I am not the only one in this case! My husband and I moved to the US not so long ago and are both working for start-up companies (always working, even on the weekends). I find it very difficult to meet people that I connect with. We don’t have kids, which, at our age (37 and 43) seems to be a handicap in making new friends, and have pretty unusual lifestyles (we lived in Asia for 8 years and came back recently, but are still trying to live a frugal(ish), simpler life – think small house, upcycle, homegrown, etc…- which in the techy / carreer oriented Metro DC area where we live, if often misunderstood). I even signed up for Meet-ups and such, but so far I am still struggling… I will keep trying though!

    • I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling because I know it all too well! I have seen a few friends of mine disappear because I know they can’t understand what it’s like to work like we do. I don’t like to brag about it because I don’t WANT to work like this for me entire life but right now I really love it. It feels like my baby haha. If I ever make it to DC – I’d love to meet up!

      • Fanette Rickert

        That would be lovely! Since my last first comment, I actually signed up for a co-working space, where I now work from 3 days a week! I get to meet a lot of people that are like minded and, extra bonus, it’s close to my husband’s work, so we commute together! :)

  • I’m planning on moving halfway across the world by the end of the year, and I’ve seriously spent some time thinking about how on earth I’ll make friends. It gives me anxiety. x_X I’m generally good with small talk (I work in retail), but the thought of making the effort into forming new, meaningful relationships is really intimidating and exhausting. Meep.

    • I bet!! We are thinking of moving across the country in the next 3 years and I don’t know if I can start over again!! How did you meet you current set of friends?

  • Struggle city for me. I work outside the home, I’m a people person and reaching out is my thing, and you’re so, so right. Making friends as an adult is hard business, regardless if you are a self-described extrovert or introvert. Love that you use Twitter – why not?? :) Happy Tuesday

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