Long Live Letterpress


You guys, letterpress is amazing. And don’t act like you don’t know what letterpress is! I see you pinning that stuff all up on your boards! When I first moved here to Columbus, I didn’t know anyone (besides Adam). Finding fun things to do with new friends can be challenging but I vividly remember the day I discovered Igloo Letterpress. They offer open printing hours to the public, paid classes and the ability to host parties directly in their space. You can read my post about that experience (4 years ago!) here.

Fast forward a couple years…The Wonder Jam had formed and we were looking for the perfect client gift during the holidays. We reached out to Beth, Igloo’s shopkeeper, and set up our session. We arrived on snowy winter afternoon and were able to take over the shop while printing our client gifts.


The best part about a place like Igloo? They’re here for usWe’re able to dream up that amazing print project, business card design or wedding invitation and make it happen. These printing presses aren’t abundant and they’re expensive. We need printers like Igloo to exist, grow and thrive.

And so guess what? Igloo Letterpress needs our help! Fund them on Kickstarter so they can purchase a new press, build their new space + keep giving back to the community.

Every dollar helps but if you’re feeling extra spendy (and want to attend a 4-hour, intense photography class with me), you can purchase my specific reward! We’ll be learning all about how to shoot your products well for your online store/Etsy shop/blog.


I’m not receiving any compensation or freebies for posting this. I just truly believe in supporting an artform like letterpress. So if you drool ever so slightly on Pinterest when you see stuff like this…flick over $10 (or $205 for my class) and help keep gems like this in our community.

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  • Omg Igloo letterpress! I remember one of our dates here! We had a such a great time– I miss these fun outings w/our group!

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