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For the past month, I’ve been craving fruit. You know when you go somewhere and they have a fruit bowl, but no one really ever eats it? I’ve been eating it. I’ll take a banana (after asking, of course) or snag an orange when a client brings snacks. And no, I’m not pregnant!!!!

Then last week I bought a spiralizer at William Sonoma (random, I know) and now I’m devouring zucchini like it’s my job. I’m excited to try every recipe from Ali’s website.

The weirdest part? Meat totally grosses me out since all of these cravings have kicked it. (Yes, I swear I’m not pregnant!) If I had to commit to being a vegetarian right now, I would. I was channel surfing the other night and they were cooking BEAR meat and I wanted to cry and throw up at the same time.

So, I’ll keep you posted on all of this. I was raised on meat so this is really throwing me off. But then again, I was raised on gluten-filled bread and I don’t eat that anymore!

What kind of diet guidelines/restrictions do you follow? Has your diet evolved? Do you get cravings or do your tastes shift?


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  • That’s really interesting that your cravings and likes/dislikes have shifted so drastically!! I’ve never experienced anything like that yet. My tastes have definitely shifted, but I think that’s more of a “growing up and learning that vegetables aren’t poison” thing. I’m intrigued to see if you figure out why yours have shifted so drastically!!

    Chrissy x

    • It’s REALLY bizarre. I ate curry chicken tonight (first meat I’ve eaten in awhile) and it was good. So, Indian food is still my love. I’ll keep you posted on if I found out WHY this is happening.

  • I totally believe you aren’t pregnant, but I had all the same things when I found out I was- all fruit, no meat. The sight of it would make me physically sick. Bizarre. Regardless of all that, at least you’re craving something healthy! Maybe some sort of deficiency?

    • I’ve heard that from so many women who have been pregnant!!! It’s so weird. Anyways, can’t wait to get coffee!

  • I read a really interesting article about how hormones affect food cravings a couple weeks ago. If I find it again I will totally send it to you because it was fascinating. My first trimester of pregnancy (aka hormonal upheaval) I ate nothing but fruit and occasionally managed to choke down some cheese for protein but I was absolutely off meat. hormones shift as you get older (starting in your teens, so I’m not saying you’re old ;) so it could be that your body is just adjusting to a change :).

    • Whatever…I’m SO OLD! just kidding. I should talk to my friend Simi about hormones. She’s sort of a guru in that. Please send the article if you find it!

  • I’m vegan and love it. I’ve been wanting to buy the spiralizer too because a few of my coworkers and friends have it and love it! I’ve been vegan two years and was pescatarian/vegetarian for five years prior to that. The hardest transition I had was from vegetarian to vegan because I love cheese 9especially pizza). But I feel so much healthier now. Check out some good documentaries like Vegucated or Forks Over Knives!

    • I totally love looking at your vegan Insta posts!! I love cheese, too. But I also have done Whole30 and basically never missed it. I’ll check out those docs!!

  • Oh goodness. Give me all the vegetables. I still love meat, but I always want the colorful produce. I buy weird snacks like bagel bites and pudding cups for my husband, but I feel SO much better if I’m snacking on fruits/veggies during the day. I went gluten free 3 years ago, and it vastly changed so much for how I felt, but now I’m keeping a food diary to see what other triggers might be. (Crossing my fingers it isn’t dairy. I love cheese.) I just love food, but I know I need to eat the things that will help me feel good and stay powered throughout the day. Also, alcohol is losing its luster. I’d rather squeeze a grapefruit or some clementines into some club soda!

    • I am you now!! I need to be more consistent with my food diary. I am just NOT good at keeping up with it. As soon as I start to feel better, I stop! TOTALLY not the point. PS I love fruit + sparkling water too :)

  • Ha! I’m actually a vegtetarian. Have been for 5 years :) I made a video about it for my public speaking class, but I want to redo it for my blog to inform people about the benefits of not eating meat. If you are already teetering on the edge of giving up meat, I wouldn’t look into factory farms, where the majority of our meat comes from, how meat is made, amything on, and the health risks that come with eating meat. It will send you over the edge haha! But, just so you know, being a vegetarian is FREAKING AMAZING. You can pretty much find a vegetarian subsitute for any meat you are craving. You could always try it for a week and see how it goes! If you are liking it you could extend your trial period to a month, and if you hate it you can just go back :) Anyways, I love talking about this, so if you want to chat feel free to send me an email!

    • Ugh factory farming and all that shit is GROSS. I do try to consume meat responsibility. There’s a local butcher that raises their animals well, but it’s quite pricey. I’m even okay with limiting my meat consumption first, then going vegetarian for a week!! I’ll email you when I do!

  • It’s not strange for your taste buds to evolve, I don’t think. Mine certainly have. I love love love eating meat. I’ve been craving fish a lot lately. I do a mostly whole-foods diet plus dairy (“primal” I guess.) And low-carb due to my insulin resistance, so I do a diabetic diet. I miss fruit :(

  • Oh, you will love the spiralizer!! And I have never had a bad recipe from the Inspiralized blog- her stuff is amazing!

  • I would love it if I would just crave more fruits… But I always crave sweets… It’s kind of annoying… lol

  • I am so with you — I feel like my cravings change season to season!! Some times I am craving straight up vegan foods, other times I want bacon-laced everything! Other than saying no thanks for gluten (because of Celiac) I love the adventure of listening to my body. The best thing I ever did was stop trying to put myself into “food boxes!” Have you had grapefruit lately? I just ate one and it was INSANE :)

  • That’s how it happened for me. I started eating more veggies than meat. As the months went by I was eliminating different types of meat until I was left with chicken. Right before Thanksgiving of last year, I just couldn’t eat chicken anymore. I got sick and quit eating meat.

  • I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 15 so over half my life now and I’ve never looked back. If anything my no meat diet has been reinforced over the years as I’ve learned more about the health risk associated with meat and the cruelty of the meat industry. My husband and I don’t preach and don’t judge others by their food choices because we understand that everyone has their own path and has to come to things in their own time but I often think of the quote by Gandhi “The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by how it’s animals are treated” so I do hope that one day more people will make the shift away from eating animals. :)

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