Working With Your Spouse


Adam and I started working together full-time in May of 2013. At that point, we had been married for four years and we had both been working from home. The first year was hard. Suddenly we were solely responsible for 100% of our income. We had to communicate more than ever. I’m an introvert. He’s an extrovert. He’s easily distracted. I can focus to the point where I isolate/ignore others. We had months where we made more than enough money. The next month would be really tight. We had no processes and honestly…not many goals. If your goal is just “to survive,” then it’s not specific enough.

So here are four things that I’ve learned after working with my husband full-time for (almost) two years:

  1. He’s more important than our business. I’m still learning this. There have been many moments where I put our clients before Adam. In the toughest times, I let my pride go before our relationship. If our business fails, that’s okay. Our marriage won’t.
  2. In order for us to both exercise our strengths, we have to hit friction first. I have my own strengths and weaknesses (so does he). If we went with my opinion (or his) every time without working through it all…we’d never compromise or try anything new. We usually hit a bit of friction while we’re working towards the perfect hybrid. That’s okay.
  3. We have to schedule meetings. It feels so lame and it feels like we should naturally be talking all day but if we don’t schedule meetings (and prioritize them like meetings with other people) then we don’t talk about the important stuff.
  4. At the end of a long, frustrating day…sometimes the best thing is to forget about it until tomorrow. Our work/home life balance will never be completely separate. We can, however, try to keep things a little normal. When we get home from our studio, it’s easy to keep talking business. We still need to date, flirt, get freaky. You get it.

This topic…to be continued.

Photo by M.Newsom Photography

February 3, 2015