State of The Capsule

At the end of the summer of 2013, I decided to do the whole “capsule wardrobe thing.” It was starting to become more mainstream, but nothing like it is now. I originally fell in love with the concept after I discovered Into Mind. I used her approach but customized it to my needs/mindset/brain. You can read my post about how I first simplified my wardrobe here.

I transitioned into the summer of 2014 without a plan but still kept my entire wardrobe under 20 items. I am a creature of outfit habit. I can wear the same thing every day and (if it makes me feel good) not care. When I look back on last summer, however, I can’t think of a single item that I really love(d). When we went to Vegas in September, I felt even more frustrated and realized that I lacked focus. I lacked so much focus that I ended up buying floral Birkenstock-style sandals because I literally didn’t have a sandal or summer shoe of any kind. I purchased a lot of trendy crap that leaves me (now) rolling my eyes. Hard.

I got a bit better last fall and my winter wardrobe has a vast improvement. It was more robust than I wanted (probably closer to 45 items) and I rarely wore half of what was hanging up in my closet. Last month I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and we plan to implement what I learned this upcoming weekend. I won’t “spoil” or break down the concept in full, but it comes down to one problem in our home. We really don’t have a lot of clutter, but we have a lot of shit we don’t care about. We own too much stuff that doesn’t bring joy. Clothes that make us feel uncomfortable or itchy. Books that we would never recommend. I own too much drugstore makeup that I never use but can’t throw away.

The clothes depicted above in that oh-so-lovely-makeshift-collage are the clothes that I wear consistently. All. The. Time. GOSH ALLIE, LOVE NEUTRALS MUCH? This winter I’m wearing a lot of white and cream and surprisingly not spilling mustard down the front of myself. I did have more than this all winter, but I recently got rid of about 20 pieces via my Instagram closet sale this past weekend. I can tough it out with these 14ish items until Ohio finally sees the light of spring. I hope to sell off the rest next week so keep your eye out at @alliepal_closet.

I’ll be posting again at the end of March once I pick out, purchase and finalize my spring and early summer capsule for about $250. I’ll be doing most of my purchases after I do another Whole30 with Adam and get back into the habit of working out. No need to buy a bunch of spring and summer clothes after hibernating under fleece and bread all winter! HA!

PS: I bought half of my winter wardrobe via ThredUp! Use my link to get $10 credit (and I get credit too!)

February 17, 2015