Annual Retreat (of sorts)


Every year I visit my hometown to stay with my sister while my parents are in Hawaii. It’s a long visit and itĀ seems to always come at the perfect time. I’m not sure why but I tend to flee “real life” and use this time to regroup. I have a huge kitchen, weeks without in-person meetings and we usually get snowed in.

Adam and I tried to make a list of all the reasons why we love this trip. It’s not glamorous or a vacation by any means but we found ourselves almost giddy to leave last week.

Here’s why:

  • We don’t really have to make the “eat home or take out” decision. My sister has to eat a specific way due to health reasons. When the decision is gone, it’s simple. Make real food.
  • Like I mentioned above, we don’t have to meet with anyone in person. It’s not that I don’t enjoy face-to-face meetings but as an introvert, I get exhausted. Also, in-person meetings take much, much longer than Skype or phone chats. Naturally we want to make our studio guests feel comfortable. We make coffee, small talk and after an hour we wrap it up.
  • Since our meeting times are greatly reduced, we’re able to actually work! Create! Take photos! Read! Sit and just talk.
  • I noticed that I sleep much better here. I think it’s because our own home is pretty drafty (I’m always cold) and we live on a busy street. It’s so quiet here!
  • Lastly, we balance work/home life much better here. Since my sister gets off school around 3, we’re less likely to work through the night and ignore her. We look forward to wrapping it all up to enjoy the company.

By the end of our trip, we’re ready to get back home into our regular (but probably improved) routine. We try to bring back our favorite parts of this mini retreat and learn from it all.

February 2, 2015