A Heart Full of Sun


Hello. My name is Allie and I’m breaking up with winter. I know I just blogged about how I love winter and that it’s perfect for my introverted self but I take it back. I’ve discovered that I hate shivering when I get out of the shower and I don’t particularly love the drafts coming through the cracks in my door when it’s -8 degrees. I never want to leave the house and I just eat french fries to ease the pain. I can be by myself in the warmth. A snowy, cold winter is amazing leading up to Christmas but nothing longer…

The photo above is me arriving in Florida and feeling the sun hit my face. Heart exploding.

Not pictured: we ate amazing Mexican, Cuban and Columbian food. St. Petersburg’s market and cereal milk ice cream.





We spent most of our time visiting all the best spots for booze and food in Tampa with Adam’s sister and her husband (they live and work there). They also have two adorable boxer mixes named Pearl and Meg (short for Megatron). Dogs make everything better.

I also came to conclusion and the ability to declare that I hate drinking alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, I really love beer but I don’t drink beer anymore because I eat gluten-free. All other alcohol either tastes awful (to me) or makes me feel tipsy too quickly. I really don’t enjoy feeling it. I get sleepy, cranky and my stomach hurts. No, I don’t love cider (it’s not like beer, too sugary, shut up) so please don’t tell me that I should drink cider. Can you tell this happens to my every time I say that I miss beer, but hate all other alcoholic drinks?

So instead of boozin’ it up with everyone else, I drank a lot of root beer on tap, coffee and water. It was delicious.


Adam found a fabulous coffee shop in Ybor (Blind Tiger) and loved seeing the co-working space next door. Great espresso is just necessary. You know it’s going to be good when they ask if you understand that you’re ordering a traditional macchiato. Damn you, Starbucks.





We spent the last day at Siesta Key Beach. It was overcast (although the sun came out towards the end) and practically deserted. My hair grew twice as thick from the humidity and the sand was so white it looked like snow. I grew up going to that beach and it felt great to return.

To be honest, this trip really sparked our interest in moving somewhere warmer in the next 2-3 years. It will take some planning, but it will happen. Where should we go?!

January 13, 2015