Winter is my guilty pleasure

True story. When we set our clocks back in November, I’m always a little thrown off. It’s been happening all my life. I remember being a kid and going to piano lessons at 5:30pm one day when it’s light out and the next week it was pitch black. It didn’t really blow my mind as much as it does now as an adult. It’s funny how much you don’t notice as a kid.

Now it seems like the sun starts to set around 3:30pm. When I’m at our studio, I was switch on the light next to my desk and wrap a scarf around my neck (like that fends off the dark). Sure, I’ll participate in the small talk. “Oh my gosh! It’s like the sun starts setting at 3:30! I feel like it’s time for bed at 7pm!”

But let’s get real. I love it.

Maybe it’s an introvert thing. People get a little less social. Everyone stop working a little earlier. Robes/slippers/blankets are staples. Waking up early to spend time by myself isn’t so depressingly dark. Restaurants are a bit more quiet at 8pm. Football season means grocery shopping on the weekends is pleasant. Yes, I sound like a grumpy old lady. But it’s true. And actually…I don’t feel guilty about it. Plus, Christmas is everything.

Which season is your guilty pleasure?


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  • I think mine is fall, which doesn’t really happen in Texas so whenever its jacket weather lol. I love it when its cool enough to throw on long sleeves but you still have the options to wear shorts. I love that fall tends to bring more people together for dinners, get-togethers with friends, and adventures outside. Maybe that’s an extrovert thing lol.

  • Word. While I dislike it being dark ALL the time, I like having an excuse never to leave my house. I’m okay with being a hermit.

  • I was just talking to my friend yesterday about how this is my favorite time of the year. The days are shorter with a little nip in the air – love it. I think it’s the idea of being cozy all day that appeals to me. It’s comfortable but not overbearing. Also, rain makes me super happy :)

  • I’m not going to lie, I went to bed at 7:30 last night. Which means I’m awesome.

  • Oh, Allie. We are such soul sisters. I JUST finished sharing those exact thoughts with another introvert friend. We were wondering how anyone could complain about this time of year and all the delights that come along with it. Hope you’re having a nice, quiet, re-energizing Friday eve! (Preferably in the company of Lorelei and Rory…)

    • Yes!! We sure are. I’ve realized that I need my Friday nights and Saturday days to have time for myself. Be Friday night I need to go into hermit status. With Lorelei and Rory…of course.

  • i am totally with you. i love winter too. it sure is my guilty pleasure season. kind of everyone thinks i am crazy because i say that. happy that there are a couple people out there that feel the same way. right now i am just wishing for some snow. snow just makes everything better.

  • 100% YES. I am a full-on introvert and lover of winter. Hunkering down at home is my favorite hobby, and winter is the perfect excuse to do so. I’m really hoping Ohio gets some darn snow soon. Also, I just discovered you live in Columbus, too, so I’m stalking you :)

    P.S. I’m glad I’m not the only one who takes advantage of football games to go grocery shopping.

    • Ohhh we should hang out! I’m at the beach now (the perfect extrovertedness for my introvertedness self) but let’s set something up!

  • Michelle

    Yes!!! That would be awesome!

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