Winter is my guilty pleasure

True story. When we set our clocks back in November, I’m always a little thrown off. It’s been happening all my life. I remember being a kid and going to piano lessons at 5:30pm one day when it’s light out and the next week it was pitch black. It didn’t really blow my mind as much as it does now as an adult. It’s funny how much you don’t notice as a kid.

Now it seems like the sun starts to set around 3:30pm. When I’m at our studio, I was switch on the light next to my desk and wrap a scarf around my neck (like that fends off the dark). Sure, I’ll participate in the small talk. “Oh my gosh! It’s like the sun starts setting at 3:30! I feel like it’s time for bed at 7pm!”

But let’s get real. I love it.

Maybe it’s an introvert thing. People get a little less social. Everyone stop working a little earlier. Robes/slippers/blankets are staples. Waking up early to spend time by myself isn’t so depressingly dark. Restaurants are a bit more quiet at 8pm. Football season means grocery shopping on the weekends is pleasant. Yes, I sound like a grumpy old lady. But it’s true. And actually…I don’t feel guilty about it. Plus, Christmas is everything.

Which season is your guilty pleasure?


November 21, 2014