Roll Call!

Ohhhhh right! I have a blog! Damn. I forgot. But I’m back because I remembered and then I realized I miss you all! I usually call these “Let’s Get Coffee” but I’ve already had three cups. You know the drill. I’m asking 5 questions. Answer them in the comments so I can “meet” you and see who’s still here. I’m secretly asking five things that I just want to share.

  1. What’s one album that you can’t stop listening to? 
  2. What’s one thing you’re doing lately to make yourself better?
  3. Where does your best friend live? And how did you meet him/her?
  4. What have you been wanting to do but just…haven’t?
  5. Do you think I should host another Christmas City Swap (it would be the 3rd annual!)?

My answers:

  1. Taylor Swift’s 1989. No shame.
  2. I’m currently doing Whole 30. I’m on day 8! Feeling GREAT! Yes, that rhymes.
  3. Huntsville, Alabama. I met her on the internet. I have a few other soulmates but we don’t talk as often.
  4. Take a whole week off working. I’m honestly thinking about taking a whole Christmas break off work. !!!!
  5. I’m on the fence…should I do it??



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Comments (81)

  • 1. Campfire by Rend Collective. I can’t get enough of the banjo/melodica/beachy-feel + soul-cry-lyrics combo.

    2. I had a call with a coach yesterday and I’m 100% the stuff we came up with will improve my business in a way that will shift my personal life, too.

    3. I have a couple of best friends (I know, that seems like a cop-out) and none of them are local. :( One of them I met in person several moves (for both of us) ago, and the others in an online class. :)

    4. I want to build an online crowdsourced pricebook to compare prices of groceries between stores. (Delightfully nerdy on so many levels!) But… time…

    5. I’m not about to volunteer you for a ton of work (though… have you looked at some of the newer “Secret Santa”-type tools online?) but if you decide to do it, I’m in!

  • What’s one album that you can’t stop listening to?

    MIlky Chance– everything they have out– on Spotify. My kids are ready to lock me in a closet. (

    What’s one thing you’re doing lately to make yourself better?

    I took an Eastern Therapeutic Writing Course. It was awesome. Very focusing. I’m recommitted to the 10:30 pm and NO LATER bedtime.

    Where does your best friend live? And how did you meet him/her?

    My BFF lives in Upper Arlington. I met her at a meeting and I think it was love at first site– even it took me longer to realize it! My BFF is patience personified.

    What have you been wanting to do but just…haven’t?

    Finish my half written novel. That is my only goal for winter. Finish that thing.

    Do you think I should host another Christmas City Swap (it would be the 3rd annual!)?

    So I LOVE the swap– I love sending off the package that I have worked so hard to put together. That said– I got a lovely gift from you– when someone backed out. But otherwise– I have have not had great luck with the swap partner. And that said I would totally do it again– because for me– it truly is about the giving!

    • I’m so intrigued by your “making yourself better” things! We should get coffee soon. I get so bummed when my swap participants don’t get gifts :( But glad I could send you one!

  • 1. 1989, too! I never really liked Taylor until recently, but I really love this album.
    2. Committing to an end time with work + no work on the weekends (unless absolutely necessary). It’s making me realize that it IS important to have time away from work.
    3. She’s currently in Italy! I met her in college, and though we are pretty different, we get along so well. Don’t know what I’d do without her.
    4. Cut out candy, drink 60+ oz of water a day, and work more on my new ecourse.
    5. Absolutely! I’m sure people really enjoy it :)

    • Me too! I used to think she was annoying but now I kind of love her. Good job on the not working at night/weekends. I’ve been better about that too and it makes me feel human.

  • 1989. 100% obsessed.

    I’m waking up at 2:45 and going to bed around 8:30. I’m awake during my most productive and creative hours, and I’m noticing tons of positive shifts in how I feel and how much I’m accomplishing.

    My best friend lives about twenty miles from me, and we met in college (2009). We weren’t close though until this last year or two!

    I’ve been wanting to get the dining room painted. We recently moved into a new condo, and the walls are this awful green/purple combination in the DR and I’m desperate for a fresh, white coat to go up in there.

    Always love your city swap!

    Also, your Death to Stock about video is really fun. I’m glad I watched it and got to hear your voice!


    • Isn’t it so good?!? I’m going to take my sister to her concert in Indy next year. Glad you liked our DTTSP video! I felt awkward talking to the camera. Workin’ on my bitchy resting face :)

  • 1. Nathaniel Rateliff’s Falling Faster Than You Can Run. Sooooo gooooooooood. I’m a sucker for a soulful voice and a simple guitar arrangement.
    2. I’ve been going to Bar Method classes for a month and they are one of the best parts of my day. The class is painful in the best way.
    3. If I’m being completely honest and not worrying about sounding cheesy, I have to say that my best friend is my husband. And he lives in my house. We were best friends for a few years before we started dating, and our relationship has stayed really similar to the way it was then, which I love.
    4. Work on my thesis for my master’s in creative writing. I’ve been working some days, but other days I use all my work time looking at the internet. That is what I’m currently doing, actually. Dang it.
    5. I’m new to your blog and hadn’t heard of this until this post! But it sounds like a lot of fun!

    • Totally looking up that album!! I’ve also heard amazing things about Bar Method. I need to do this!!

      Also, your husband as your BFF isn’t cheesy. Adam is honestly my BEST friend but I didn’t give him a shout out haha.

  • amy marie

    1. it’s time for my seasonal obsession with Jeff Buckley’s “Grace,” so either that or Chromeo’s White Women are playing at all times right now. weird combo. =]

    2. Blender Babe’s 21-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. my husband just succumbed to the call of the Vitamix, so I needed something to jump-start daily use.

    3. Chicago. we met at a party through a mutual friend almost 20 years ago.

    4. Through-hike the Appalachian Trail.

    5. i’d love to participate in the Swap. i just moved back to Columbus earlier this year after a decade in Atlanta, and i think a swap would encourage me to continue to seek out the fun, unique goodies Columbus has to share.

    • Def checking out this music. I LOVE SMOOTHIES. What’s your favorite combo?

      • amy marie

        right now it’s a tossup between grape, spinach and banana with chia seeds or acai juice, strawberries, banana and red cabbage…both are yummy!

  • 1. Lana Del Rey – Paradise
    2. I’m trying to simplify and do less. (It’s the funnest.)
    3. My bestie lives in San Francisco. We met in college.
    4. Hmmm…I’ve been wanting to try hot yoga. But haven’t. No good reasons.
    5. This is the first I’ve heard of the City Swap, but it sounds fun!

  • Yay, you’re back! :)

    1. I’m obsessed with the new Stars album, No One is Lost. It’s pretty different from their usual sound but I’m still really into it. And once Copeland’s new album also comes out, I’m sure I’ll be listening to that non-stop as well.

    2. This might sound silly, but I’m really proud of going to the dentist over the last few months. I’ve avoided going for years because I have this really weird phobia of going to the dentist but I finally sucked it up and went. Four appointments and a TON of money later, my teeth and gums are much healthier and I’m glad I went through with it.

    3. My two best friends live in NYC and DC, respectively. I met them in college and they were my roommates. I don’t get to see them often but I know I’ll see them for sure at my wedding next September!

    4. Sitting down and actually writing for myself instead of for others.

    5. Definitely! I’ve participated both years and it’s so much fun! I love sending people a little slice of Chicago during the holidays. :)

    • I’m back I’m back! I still remember getting one of your gifts during one of my swaps. And your comment totally reminded me to GO TO THE DENTIST. I need to badly.

  • 1.Nick Nack- tUnE-yArDs (Water Fountain is amazing and will make you dance.)

    2. Keeping up with current events. Reading the news more and staying in the know with local issues to know how I can help impact the area.

    3.She lives in D.C. We met in college.

    4. Get another tattoo. I have a thousand and one ideas but just haven’t made an appointment.

    5. I regretted not doing the swap last year once I saw all the cool things, so I definitely vote “yes.”

    • I like songs that make me dance in my chair. Good for you for keeping up with current events!! I need to do the same….

  • glad to see you back here! love these posts too :)

    1. lorde’s pure heroine. love love love it.

    2. i recently bought some personal training sessions at the gym! although it’s a big hit to my bank account, i needed something to break me out of my work out rut. i’m excited to get back on track, and get help with my nutrition.

    3. i have a few, and they all live near me, about 15-25 min away in various neighboring suburbs. we all met in college.

    4. i want to start painting and drawing again. that’s all i used to do before college, and i’d like to get away from technology and create something again.

    5. YES! :)

    • Glad to be back to blogging, Steph :)

      Good for you for training/gym time! My husband just did the same and now I need to get on that. Also, YES to painting/drawing. I’m basically going to copy you on all fronts.

  • What’s one album that you can’t stop listening to?

    1. Nabuma Rubberband by Little Dragon. Check it out – amazing indie beats to work to!

    2. Going to the gym everyday for an hour! Helps keep the restlessness at bay.

    3. California – we met in college and she moved too far awayyyy!

    4. Sign up for Skillshare. Need to get on that.

    5. What is this Christmas City Swap, because it sounds amazing.

    • Adding that album to my list!! ALSO need to get on Skillshare (and CreativeLive). Excited to dive in and LEARN vs work work work.

  • 1. I also can’t stop listening to 1989! Taylor Swift is so charming and wonderful and her new album just makes me want to dance!

    2. I’ve been back on my tea kick! Recently, I switched to coffee, and have noticed myself needing it to stay awake. More tea = happier me.

    3. I’m so lucky that my best friend lives in Columbus not far from me. We met when we were the youngest ones in advanced ballet (10 years ago, to be exact). She has been my best friend since the day we met. <3

    4. I've been wanting to get more sleep… but life happens… so I haven't. :(

    5. I love the concept, so yes! It is seriously the coolest way to feel connected to others and remind us of the honest love in the world.

    You're fabulous!

    • YES! She’s so charming. I want to be her friend! I’ve been thinking of switching to caffeinated tea because I’m afraid coffee might be making my allergies worse. But I looooove coffee.

      And no, YOU’RE fabulous!

  • Hey there!
    1) London Grammar: If You Wait (feels crazy good to love a whole album and listen to it so many times you know which track is coming next. So often I just listen to new playlists on Spotify instead!)
    2) Yoga every day. I can say this because I’ve done it two days in a row, despite having a week off before that, and I am full of good intentions!..
    3) Edinburgh – the opposite end of the country from me. We met way back in college.
    4) Sort out my clothes! Need a serious clearout and sort. But, when the sun shines there’s too much fun to be had (who am I kidding – this is also my excuse when it rains).
    5) Yes, but only if tiny islands can be considered too?!

    • I love it when you know which track is coming next! Checking out that album for sure. Good for you re: yoga daily! I NEED TO DO THIS!!

  • 1. The Pretty Reckless – Going to Hell
    2. Drinking more water and getting more sleep.
    3. Around Cleveland and we met in high school.
    4. Yoga – I really want to get back into it but I can’t seem to make time or remember to do it.
    5. I think it sounds like an awesome idea. But only do it if you have to the time.

    • I always get to workout or do yoga lately. It’s a bummer. And thanks for saying that I should do the swap if I have the time. I’m not sure if I do but I love hosting it…

  • 1.Queen of the Clouds by Tove Lo
    2. Taking time out for myself, drinking more water
    3. . . . best friends- Columbus
    4.Making videos for an e-newsletter. Being on camera is pretty scary but something I need to jump into
    5. Yes Please! Since I am in a new city, I would love to do another one.

    • We miss you here in Columbus!! We’ve been making some videos for TWJ too and it’s nerve wracking because I hate seeing myself on camera.

  • samesies. T Swift’s 1989 is great.

    I’m actually trying a gluten free diet. I have a certain autoimmune that would benefit from it, not so much cure it. I’ll give it a try!

    She lives an hour away and I met her through Twitter and blogging years ago. What began as a small blog comment now is me being in her wedding last May. Crazy!

    I need to wash my hair :(

    Yes and no. Yes, because I love shopping for others but one of the ones I got was not something that seemed it was quickly put together and I got it in February. I’m a little hesitant but I’ll try it again!

    • Gluten free helped my immune system greatly but my sis follows the diet for 3 autoimmunes. That’s amazing about your BFF. It’s wonderful how the internet can do something so beautiful.

      Email me!!

  • oh and to #4- I need to email you.

  • 1. Johnnyswim – Diamonds. So good.
    2. I’m doing Whole30 too…just started yesterday, so naturally all I want is the Halloween candy at my coworkers desk.
    3. My closest friend is in Savannah, GA. We were college roommates.
    4. Yoga. I don’t know why I haven’t done it, but every time I pass a yoga studio I think…”I should try that.”
    5. DO IT! So much fun! (Sorry for yelling…I got excited.)

    • I’ve heard great things about that album

      How’s Whole30 working for you? I’m on day 9 or 10 now. Feeling really good.

      • Yeah, I saw Johnnyswim on a whim when a friend had an extra ticket…they are fantastic live.

        And so far so good with Whole30. I did it once about a year ago and I felt amazing. Trying use this as a jump start to get back on track. Any good recipe/blog suggestions?

  • 1. Same – 1989! I actually used to dislike Taylor Swift but she has definitely grown on me within the last two years or so! Her new album is so. good.
    2. Slowing down. I used to have ever hour of my life filled up with something. A side project, work, blogging, social media, whatever. But I was so exhausted. Now, I am learning to just chill out and watch tv if I want.
    3. I have so many people I consider best friends, but my super bff lives right here in Raleigh! We went to high school together and she dated my best friend back then, but I didn’t like her. We became super close when I was 19 and I definitely believe she is my soul mate.
    4. Gone to the gym! I know I need to get back into a regular gym schedule but I find a million excuses not to (like hating waking up at 6am).
    5. I have never participated but I was lurking on your blog when you held one last time so I think you should!

    • It’s like Taylor grew up and now all the ladies love her (vs teen girls). I need to SLOOOOWW down too. I need chill time, me time, passion project time. My schedule is too packed.

  • 1. Rain for Root’s first album. Super sweet, chill, encouraging, not-obnoxious kiddo songs about faith. Love.
    2. Reading like crazy. Reading a good mix of novels and nonfiction makes my heart and mind feel good.
    3. 3 hours away in Dallas.
    4. Hard-core strategic plan for my business in 2015.
    5. Yes!

  • 1) “Get Disowned” by Hop Along — seriously a great record, you might like it!

    2) Attempting that whole “sleep more” thing. It’s been nice if not an extreme challenge.

    3) Toronto? Can I call my sister my best friend? She’s like the most consistent BFF in my life.

    4) Organizing my wardrobe as I just moved into a new apartment. It’s the most daunting task.

    5) I really had fun with your last swap! The girl I got to send stuff to was a really cool girl who I still talk to! Though the girl that got me didn’t really understand the concept…but she was really nice. So, I would definitely love to participate again. But I can’t imagine it’s fun to organize. Either way, I had a lot of fun last year and I think it’s a brilliant idea and a fun way to support everyone’s local scene.

    • Will check out that album! That’s so awesome that your sis is your BFF. As my sister is getting older (she’s 10 years younger than me), she’s becoming that for me.

      Haha sorry to hear about last years’ swap. It’s always a 50/50 chance it’ll turn out good or bad :/

  • What’s one album that you can’t stop listening to?
    It’s a playlist not an album and it’s the playlist my husband & I made for our wedding (jan) we put all the songs on there that make us think of each other and it’s still on heavy repeat almost 10 months later.

    What’s one thing you’re doing lately to make yourself better?
    Writing down things I am thankful for every day and praying

    Where does your best friend live? And how did you meet him/her?
    She lives in Louisville KY and we met in high school

    What have you been wanting to do but just…haven’t?
    start my own graphic design business

    Do you think I should host another Christmas City Swap (it would be the 3rd annual!)?
    Sure thing!

    • That’s amazing. We did a playlist for our wedding too but I don’t have it anymore :(

      Adam and I started our day today sharing what we’re thankful for. He says you can’t be mad when you’re thankful and I love that!

  • 1. At the moment I’m stuck on listening to 90s playlists on Spotify!
    2. Working out in my lunch breaks.
    3. She’s been living in London for the last year and a half, however is originally from South Australia (like me, but I now live in South-East Queensland). We met in high school and have been best friends since our final year.
    4. So many things! In particular, I’ve been meaning to organise my study since we moved house towards the end of July but I *still* haven’t.
    5. Sounds like a great idea! I would love it if there was an international division for people willing to ship cross-country :)

    • YEAH 90s!!!

      Do you have to shower when you workout on lunch breaks? I think I would if I didn’t have to shower.

      • I feel bad because I don’t haha, it’d cut into my gym time!! I usually lunch 2-3 so it’s not too busy. Only a couple of hours sitting in the office post deodorant shower :p

  • Hi!

    Listening to: Sky Ferreira (Night Time, My Time)

    Bettering by: taking more chances on doing things my way.

    Best friends: one in Cleveland (from college), one in NYC (from college), one in Chicago (from high school), one in Columbus (from MySpace…eep.)

    Wanting to, but haven’t: travel to places I’ve never been.

    Do the swap? Yes. Three is a good number. :)

  • I love this idea! Here’s my answers:

    1. Michael Bolton’s greatest hits. Not lying!
    2. I’ve been dressing up every day to go to work. There are only half a dozen people who work in my office and I could get away with jeans and a t-shirt but I chose to wear a skirt and heels every day this week and I feel gorgeous!
    3. My best friend lives in Townsville, Queensland. We met in high school, dated for a year and then realised that we loved each other, but not like that. I was the best wo-man at his wedding!
    4. I really want to quit work and run my own business. I haven’t because its just not feasible yet.
    5. Heck yes I think you should host another one! I’d be in it!

    • Michael Bolton. LEGIT.

      I love the dressing up thing! We notice the same. When we dress well, we feel good and rock the day. If you ever want to chat about quitting your day job…we should skype :)

  • Lydia B.

    This totally reminds me of those surveys we would always do on Xanga and MySpace! But better…and LESS embarrassing!

    1. Gosh, this is a tough one! I’ve really just been listening to a few songs on repeat, as opposed to an entire album. Songs? “We’ll Be Ghosts” – Brooke Bentham and “Little Ghost” – The White Stripes. Album? I’ll just say Shovels & Rope’s “O’ Be Joyful” and “Swimming Time.”
    2. Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on what I NEED to do to make progress in my own life, rather than what’s easiest or most comfortable. OR what other people have accomplished and are doing. (“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”)
    3. I also have a few soul mates and incredible friends. A few live within the same state and general area as I do, but another lives in Colorado (I’m in North Texas), and another is in Japan! I’ve known two pretty much my entire life, one through school, and another indirectly through an ex-boyfriend. (See! Good things come from them, right?)
    4. Finish school! And move again!
    5. I love swaps, so YES! I’ve never taken part in yours, but it sounds like a lot of fun!

    • YESSSS. I’m so glad you brought up the xanga/myspace!!

      I love Shovels & Ropes!!! Also love your answer to #2.

  • Cece Rider

    1. What’s one album that you can’t stop listening to?
    –I need to get on this, I am slacking in the music realm, but I listened to Blink 182 all day the other day…don’t judge

    2. What’s one thing you’re doing lately to make yourself better?
    –I have been reading, I don’t know if this is making me “better” but taking the time to do something that I WANT to do and can get away from a computer screen is amazing. I just finished Gone Girl, up next? Wheat Belly, The Giver, Divergent? I am so behind.

    3. Where does your best friend live? And how did you meet him/her?
    –I unfortunately don’t have that “best* friend. A lot of friendships have changed the older I get/make life changes (marriage, etc), but my friend Molly Carroll and I never skip a beat. We went to high school together in TN. She’s the type of person that you still do sleep overs with(or late night facetimes) & don’t actually sleep but talk all night and your stomach hurts the next day from laughing.

    4. What have you been wanting to do but just…haven’t?
    –Declutter my life!!! I need help. I have been getting rid of clothes, but not actually discarding them…just putting shit in boxes and letting them pile up. I am craving simplicity.

    5. Do you think I should host another Christmas City Swap (it would be the 3rd annual!)?
    –Yes! I have never participated and I would love to, but if it is going to be a stress on you (TAKE THAT CHRISTMAS BREAK, ALLIE!!!) then don’t do it or see if another blogger would help facilitate/follow through with it?

    • Haha Blink 182. I’m dying…

      Also you have GREAT taste in books. We should share/trade. And share declutting tips.

  • FloridaGirl7

    1.) Continuum by John Mayer. Yeah I know it’s a few years old now, but when the weather finally starts to turn crisp I crave pumpkin spice for my belly and John Mayer for my ears, because they both say “Autumn” to me.
    2.) Sleeping in a bit later and pushing back my “My Miracle Morning” routine until a more decent hour is making me feel delightfully naughty AND better rested.
    3.) Michigan. We met in utero. (My best friend is my mom).
    4.) Quit my job. I haven’t yet because I need money to live. So instead I’m playing the lottery.
    5.) Hells yes!

    • I love that album! He kind of irks me as a person but love his music. Also – love that you’re allowing yourself to rest!!! PS cracking up on the utero comment. Love that you’re close to your mom.

  • Hi!

    1. Album: The Colourist, self-titled. Whether I’m running or working, it’s the perfect all-around album.
    2. Doing: Making sure to work out every other day. The “every-other” really keeps me going, and oftentimes I will end up working out every day since I’m not putting pressure on myself to HAVE to work out every day.
    3. Best friend: Lives in Philly, 15 minutes away from me! We met in girl scouts way back when.
    4. Wanting to do: Learn to use my Wacom tablet better. The things I can make now are… scary. Also, brainstorm some great blog posts like this one. Seriously, this is such a great idea.
    5. Swap: I haven’t been around long enough to know what this is, but it sounds like a lot of other folks like the idea. But if you want to take a week off, my recommendation is just to relax and enjoy the holiday!

    • I will check out the album. I also want to learn to use my Wacom tablet better. Right now I just love using it to retouch faces in Photoshop but I want to learn so much more!!

  • 1. “This is All Yours” by Alt J

    2. Pataskala. I started a twitter fight with him and he responded by inviting me to coffee.

    3. Throw away half my stuff.

    4. DEAR GOD YES! (I’ll help!)

  • 1. Doolittle by the Pixies! It’s been my go-to record when i’m straightening up/cleaning the house. Those bass lines put me in a good mood.

    2. Working less and focusing more on social things/friends/relationships. In the past I would fill most of my free time with freelance work, some kind of side project, etc to the point where I was overworked. I’m getting better with just allowing myself to just relax sometimes & hang with friends more often and not feel like I could be doing some kind of work.

    3. I don’t that one best friend (still looking!) but I have couple close friends I consider besties. One I live with (met when we were in a ska band in college), one lives in Alabama (met in college design classes), another one lives in Brooklyn (also met in college design classes)

    4. Move to a new city. Every time i’m about to do that something awesome comes along keeping me here.

    5. I would participate in a swap!

    • I love your #2. I go through spurts where I’m working so hard that I forget about friends/family and that’s not good. What new city would to move to first??

  • I love these!!!!

    What’s one album that you can’t stop listening to? – Brandi Carlile’s live album with the Seattle Symphony. Every single song is so good, her lyrics are powerful, and those pipes. My god.

    What’s one thing you’re doing lately to make yourself better? I’m trying to prioritize face-to-face time with friends. “Quality time” is NOT my love language, so I tend to not spend enough in-person time with those friends that need it. I find I enjoy it once I get there.

    Where does your best friend live? And how did you meet him/her? My best friend was my “little” in my sorority, so we met in my junior year of college. She lives 20 minutes from me and I get to see her Sunday. I wouldn’t want to do this life without her in my corner, and me in hers.

    What have you been wanting to do but just…haven’t? Give up carbs. Lose weight. Open my print shop. Sadly, this list is way longer than the “what are you doing to make yourself better?” list. Yikes.

    Do you think I should host another Christmas City Swap (it would be the 3rd annual!)? I have no idea what this is, but I’m intrigued.

    • I love live albums. Totally checking that out. I used to think quality time was my love language but I’m starting to think it’s not. I need to re-take that test.

      But…carbs are so delicious! ;)

  • 1) Prologue by the Milk Carton Kids. It’s the perfect winter album, and I love it so much.
    2) I started working out again! I’m competing in the Miss Greater Columbus pageant in February, and I’d been slacking in my workouts because of LSAT studying and whatnot. Now I’m back at Crossfit Grandview getting my butt kicked.
    3) This is going to come off as cheesy, but my best friend is my boyfriend, and he lives over in the University District, east of High. I’m reclusive and wanted to get away from the riffraff of over there, so I live on the edge of Grandview. So we’re pretty close.
    4) I’m in my last year of college at OSU, so I’ve been doing everything that I want to do, mostly because I feel like this might be the last time I can. It’s weird.
    5) YES!

    • I love things that are “Perfectly winter.” Checking it out! And congrats on competing in Feb! That’s amazing!! My brother went to Crossfit Grandview last summer and loved it. We should hang out – I’m in grandview!!

  • What’s one album that you can’t stop listening to? I’ve totally given in to Christmas. Sufjan Stevens Christmas album is on daily rotation. I know you’ll understand.

    What’s one thing you’re doing lately to make yourself better? Saying “no.” A couple months ago I noticed every Monday I felt drained rather than refreshed. This time of year gets really hectic (in a great way) so I’ve only been saying yes to the things I really want to do. Along with that, I’ve been taking Friday nights off to clean, craft, stream Netflix, Pinterest and generally recharge my introvert batteries. I’m listening to my “want to” voice rather than my “should” voice and feeling so much happier for it.

    Where does your best friend live? And how did you meet him/her? I’m feeling a bit in transition with best friend-age lately. Relationships have been changing the past couple years with marriages, kids and moves, which has given me a deeper appreciation for my sister, cousins and family — my forever bffs.

    What have you been wanting to do but just…haven’t? Become an entrepreneur.

    Do you think I should host another Christmas City Swap (it would be the 3rd annual!)? Not gonna lie…I’ve been waiting ALL YEAR for this. It was so much fun last year, and I adore the new friend I made through it. (If I can do anything to help, just let me know!)

    • CHRISTMAS. YOU ARE MY CHRISTMAS SOULMATE!!! I also love that you’re saying “no.” I have a hard time with it too. I actually might do this swap just for you…

  • 1. Fink Meets The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra – I love the voice, the strings, the tone and all of it. Takes me up and leaves me there for about an hour!

    2. I’m on the hunt for a good, cruisy, Virtual Assistant. My Crowd Funding coach told me to charge for the work I hate and then use that money to get someone else to do it. Getting someone else to do those little pieces that I don’t have to will leave me more time to do the things I love and this will make me super happy!

    3. My best friend lives in Wellington – at the other end of the North Island. We met each other in kindegarten so I think we were about 3 or 4.

    4. Theres nothing special that I have been wanting to do – I try and do what I want every day or at least the next, or the next :)

    5. If I lived in the US – then YES!

    • Totally checking out that album. I got so many great recs from this post!! Let me know if you need help finding a VA! We’ve had good ones.

  • 1. Same. T-swifts 1989. Never been a fan but this one is fun. She went to high school with my sisters ex. He said she can’t sing.

    2. Getting out of bed every morning:) it’s rough! But seriously, I’ve been reading my bible and journaling at breakfast and it’s really helped me make it through the day.
    3. My BFF lives in Colombus Ohio and is hot. I even made a bff picture for us. Oh we met online/ at barista parlor.
    4. Been wanting to buy a westfalia and go on an epic road trip. And train waverly to shake and lay down. She’s so spastic she won’t sit still long enough for me to do it!
    5.yes j love Christmas more than chocolate. I usually wake up at 4am on Christmas morning and I’m freakinf 27. Good thing we aren’t habjng kids so they can’t rain on my parade.

    • LOL you’re lovin TSwift’s album too? YASSS.

      I need to post our BFF picture sometime too. haha I love all your typos in that last answer.

  • I’m late to the party, but I love sharing music and stuff so I’m getting in on this.

    1. Quiet Frame; Wild Light by Golden Youth. I don’t know what it is about them but I listen almost daily. Their live performance of Brother in the Morning Light is extraordinary. (

    2. I’ve been trying to keep myself more active while I’m working so I’m not sitting for hours upon hours when I get sucked into a project. It’s an uphill battle for sure. I’m also looking at Skillshare classes so I can make myself more valuable as a designer.

    3. I’ve had 3 best friends for many years, but the one I keep in contact with the most lives about 20 minutes away, out in the boondocks. We met in early elementary school on the bus and became friends, but we really solidified it in jr high/high school.

    4. I’ve been wanting to expand my skill set for a long time (see Skillshare comment above) and really branch out and connect more with creatives in my area, but I struggle with knowing where to start and usually settle with familiarity instead of pushing myself. I’m working on fighting that love of comfort all the time.

    5. Seems this decision has already been made!

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