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I was considered an artist and a painter most of my childhood (into my teens). In college and up until this year, I was called a designer. The other day Adam called me a photographer and I kind of freaked out. I’m not sure if any of you can relate but it’s been a transition this year. Over half of our income has come from photography and it sometimes it’s just weird. Am I weird?







I haven’t been able to design as much as I used to and so this month I’ve focused on blocking out long chunks of time in my calendar so that I do things like take design-related Skillshare classes, draw and design. Do you have to protect the things you love to do (personally or professionally)?

*Photos: recent work by me!

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  • That’s so great that you guys are making so much money with your beautiful photography. I’ve always struggled with this “job description” too, hence why I can never make up my mind on what to call myself too. I absolutely have to protect the things I love, which means a constant decision to relax and watch TV or pick one of my non-day-job interests (sometimes TV wins), and also to try to be as efficient as I can be during everything. Hard work is always a choice (and from what I’ve read on your blog and elsewhere, i understand that this won’t ever be an issue for you!)

    • Thanks Jenn! My friend David tweeted to me today saying we shouldn’t limit ourselves to one title. I agree but it’s hard! I appreciate your kind words, though. Glad I’m not alone!!

  • I am all about changing and evolving job descriptions! We are meant to experience much more than a lot of us probably do in life and that comes with changing our focus which sometimes changes our job titles. :)

  • It took me ages to not feel weird about changing from Graphic Designer to Photographer (+ Designer). It still seems odd actually haha. My percentage is like 97% photographer 3% designer now though haha. I’d love to lift that designer number up though. Will have to wait for the winter months though – wedding season is just about to start and that will take up ALL of my time haha.

    • YES! I forgot you’ve experienced the same thing. I also am excited for winter (which feels like now) because I lose so many natural daylight AND no weddings/outdoor events.

  • Seriously perfect timing for this post. As a designer I always thought that in life I’d have to pick one career path and do that FOREVER. I love that you have picked up photography too and have been able to do both in your business! Super inspiring, Allie!

    • SERIOUSLY!! When I saw your text today I was like “oh she must have read my post.” You totally got this. I can’t wait to see you grow your business and expand.

  • I truly think these transactions from one area to the other happen naturally. I’m constantly changing my focus between design and photography often. It changes according to how I’m feeling… I love both things and never really stop doing one to do the other, I just shift the amount of time I dedicate to each art.
    I consider myself an artist, a creative -and these days, that’s what I say I do when people ask. Between fashion design, web/graphic design, photography and not being able to stick to one single thing, I think best just call myself artist/creative. :)

    • You’re a renaissance woman! I love it. And I love the idea of shifting from title to title. I feel like I do it often but am diving back into design much more. I miss it!

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