On making yourself better

“Oh my gosh! You’re so busy! I don’t know how you do it!”

I hear this phrase almost weekly. And I hate it. Busy shouldn’t be glorified. 80-100 hour work weeks is embarrassing. Being unorganized + chaotic steps from a deeper issue. I listened to Kathleen’s Circles talk a few days ago and really resonated with it (listen to it!). She talks about how changing her perspective really shaped the way her day-to-day work life felt. I decided to try this yesterday and I’m pleased to say…it works!

Some other things I’ve been doing to make myself better:

  • Choosing positivity (sounds lame but when my mental state is positive…life is sweet)
  • Hiring a business coach
  • Working with the right clients
  • Turning off all iPhone notifications

For the past 6 months, I’ve been really attentive to myself and self-care. While I haven’t mastered it (and most weeks, utterly fail), I do see a difference when I’m aware and when I prioritize myself. While chatting with my friend Blaine last month, he shared that he was launching a really amazing online experience called Make Better. The concept: when YOU are better, you MAKE better. I’m excited to dive into the class, meet others who are dealing with the same issues but also who are proactive. Those that are tired of this being the “norm.”


I asked Blaine if I could share with my readers + he graciously offered the first week free. Instead of $197, you’ll pay $172! You can click here to sign up. Then comment below so I know we’ll be going through it together.


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Comments (11)

  • Great post! I’m going to go watch Kathleen’s talk next :)
    I noticed a small typo in your post—I think “steps” was supposed to be “stems”.

    • Hi Hazel! Oops – glad you caught that typo! I think I wrote this post at the height of my exhaustion ha. Let me know what you thought of Kathleen’s talk!

  • Wonderful. I love that you’re being real about how busy-ness shouldn’t be glorified. I sometimes feel so behind/guilty because I’m trying to avoid busy-ness by trying to prioritize important things and let go of all the time-fillers. Thanks for the additional perspective!

    • I can totally relate to that! When I’m always behind (which is often) – I have to realize that drastic measures must be taken because it’s clear that I can never catch up!

  • I feel so strongly about the glorification of busy! It’s unsustainable and exhausting, and it turns into a competition, whether with yourself or your co-workers. Ugh … bad vibes all around.

  • I’ve glossed over many many posts like this, usually just gloss through it and never look back, pretend I’m not exhausted by it and it’s actually enjoyable. It has really gotten the best of me in terms of health, mood, and it comes with all the breakouts I can think of. Speaking of which, what do you do in terms of skin care to help balance? You always look flawless!

    • My skin has actually started seeing a few breakouts/blemishes the past 2 weeks leading up to this post due to high stress (more of a personal issue than anything my clients put on me). I take Cod Live Oil/Butter blend and it does wonders for my skin. I also use Argan Oil and Korres Eye Cream!

      • Same thing happens to me! My skin is so reactive to stress, it really sucks. I’ve heard a lot of talk about Argan Oil so I will probably have to try that. Do you know anything about Vain Pursuits? I’ve seen them on a few youtube videos on skincare and I’m not sure if I should give it a try.

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