Unadulterated Beauty : Lip balms + Mascara


I’ve become quite obsessed with makeup since my last post (almost a year ago). I don’t wear that much day-to-day but I’ve acquired A LOT during the past year. It’s my go-to type of purchase. I only have one purse (this one) and keep my shoes to a bare minimum. I really don’t even own a lot of clothes. But dang…Sephora and Ulta get a lot of my money.

My love of makeup might stem back to being a fine artist. When I’m applying foundation or contouring with brushes, I get pretty pumped about blending and keeping it as natural as possible. Plus, the packaging is always so amazingly beautiful. It’s a designer’s dream.

Besides my slight addiction to make up, I also love watching beauty bloggers’ YouTube channels until I realize most of them are being paid to promote most of the products (hey, it’s awesome that they can make a living on it all) but I always crave the real unbiased opinion. Since I have a blog, I figured I’d contribute to the conversation with a little honesty!


The best lip products for those who hate lipstick and lipgloss

Despite my love for makeup, I just CANNOT love lipstick or lipgloss. Lipstick cakes onto my lips (even the creamiest) and makes them feel so dry. Randomly my lips will get REALLY dry and swell. It’s…lovely. Lipgloss, on the other hand, makes my lips 200x as big. I already have large lips so I don’t need them reflecting light. The alternative is a great colored lip balm. Here are my current three favorites:

1. Dior Addict Lip Glow ($32): This stuff looks relatively clear going on but it soon turns a nice, natural pink! (pictured above) It’s honestly the only beauty product that I’ve run out of more than three times. I just got my fourth balm in the mail yesterday! Definitely a pricier option but it’s perfect for me since I don’t have a nice pink color to my lips, naturally.


2. Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous ($10): This color is the perfect coral and so hydrating! I found it at Kroger and love how accessible it is (pictured above)


3. Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish ($10): Barbie pink at its finest! This one felt a bit more matte but still hydrating and never dried out my lips. I made an online order at Ulta and will be trying out their Matte Balm in Elusive soon!

Also, shooting selfies of myself on my Canon 5D Mark III is bizarre because I think I can see the hairs on my face…

The best mascara for those who hardly have any eyelashes


These are my light, shorter eyelashes taken with my front facing camera on my iPhone before I did my makeup. Since I epically fail at putting on falsies (plus it bugs the heck out of me when I wear them), I got pretty curious when my lovely friend Annie started selling Younique mascara last month. She kept posting about it on Facebook and showing these ladies’ before and after photos. They were KILLER but I knew that they already had long lashes to begin with. I had to get some, try it for myself and then tell everyone how it works on us short lashed gals.


The mascara comes in two different tubes. One is literally small fibers that you swipe on your lashes just like mascara. You swipe a few times and then seal it with the other mascara (which is much more like regular mascara). I swiped a few times with each tube and was SUPER impressed. Obviously this photo looks way better than my “before” photo since I took it on my Canon but you can see the length AND they’re nice and dark! Hurray!


If you’re wanting to try it out – you can order them on my friend Annie’s site! She receives free products/commission but I do not! Also, they wipe off easily with soapy water or makeup remover.


If you enjoyed the unadulterated beauty review – leave a comment or suggest a product review! Since I dabble in a slight makeup addiction anyways, I figured I should share some of my honest thoughts!

PS: I’m cutting my hair on Friday and fading out that brassy ombre! Pretty pumped! Send me hair inspo pics on Twitter!

August 12, 2014