Stuff That Makes Me Smile


In no particular order:

  1. Olaf from Frozen. I watched the movie three times in three days
  2. Wireless bras from Journelle. More comfort and I don’t need them any perkier.
  3. Working out. Especially yoga via YogaGlo.
  4. Chrissy Teigan, in general.
  5. Sam Smith’s new album, In the Lonely Hour
  6. No plans to travel much in the near future. I’ve enjoyed being home.
  7. The book I’m co-writing. More on that next week!
  8. Nude nail polish.

What’s been making you smile lately?


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Comments (8)

  • Yes to nude polish! If I had a list like this that’d definitely be on it. That and reading a book in front of the fire while it’s freezing out.. x

    • It’s my favorite. I swear it makes my fingers look longer haha. Is it cold where you are? I really loved your recent post about health/eating.

  • A book?!! That is so exciting! Can’t wait for the details!

  • YogaGlo is my life saver. It is fantastic. I’ve been doing for a couple years now so if you need any class recs, don’t hesitate to ask!

    • It’s amazing! I love Kathryn’s classes (not sure if that’s exactly how to spell her name). Any favorites?

  • Palm trees, beaches and hearing my sons say this is the best vacation ever. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face!

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