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I’ve been shooting a lot lately and thought I’d share some of my most recent projects!

From top to bottom: Pluma Jewelry, House of Earnest, Danielle Evans of Food Typography for The Guardian, Death to the Stock Photo, Simi Botic, Alex White and Pluma Jewelry again!

PS: If you’re in the Columbus area, I’m hosting 2 back-to-back workshops on taking better photos for your blog + business on August 9th and 10th! Comment below or email me at allie(at)thewonderjam(dot)com if you’re interested!


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Comments (16)

  • can you send me more info about the workshop? All the pics look great but i love the first and third ones!! theleangreenbean at gmail . thanks!

    • Sure can! Just emailed you but think I used the one you used to comment. Will send to the other now!

  • I love the food typography picture! Your skills continually amaze me. I wish I could come to Columbus for your workshop. Maybe I should randomly plan to visit Ben and Gumi haha.

  • I’m interested!
    (Also interested in that stunning jewelry, and that crazy talented food script!) fun post and inspired by your talent as always!

  • Awesome pics as well! And damn, wish I lived in Columbus for that workshop. Your photo editing is sooo on point Allie!

  • Awh! I love these! Would totally take the class if I lived there! :)

  • I’m a new reader to your blog – so happy to have just discovered it! Love these photos, especially the third one!
    I’m also interested in the workshops!! Would love to learn more about them :)

  • Hi there!

    Love your blog! Could you please email me more information on your workshop?
    Ps LOVE Danielle Evans food typography :)

    Thank you!

  • Wow, these are all incredible. Jealous of how busy you are! Do you have any advice for a starting photog on how to get paying clients?

    • Hey lady! Thank you!

      I would just shoot A LOT of free shoots and create work that you want to be hired for! I still shoot for free if it can open doors for me, creatively!

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