A $20 Treat


As you may have noticed…our May was quite eventful. AND EXPENSIVE. It left us quite high and dry and we’re treating June as a “re-save all the monies” type of month. Some expenses included:

  • Trip to Nashville (while it was a Death to the Stock Photo trip, we spent money of our own) $
  • My birthday $$
  • Trip to NYC (same as Nashville x 100) $$$
  • Put down our deposit on our studio (we’re currently subleasing but had to sign the lease for when we take over September 1 and put down a month’s worth of rent as a deposit) $$$$
  • A pipe exploded under our bathroom sink $
  • We hosted our 1 year birthday party for The Wonder Jam $$$

Oof. So last weekend, I decided to treat myself with a twenty dollar bill that Adam’s grandma sent to me in the mail for my birthday. While it was belated, it came at the perfect time. I bought myself an iced cinnamon honey latte (with almond milk) down the street for $3.75 and skipped over to Walgreens for some drugstore makeup.


I’m sort of a walking dichotomy because I equally hate AND love getting “ready.” I probably only wash my hair once a week and the idea of getting ready usually sets my eyes rolling. BUT I also love makeup. It’s an obsession and when I do wear it – I really, really love it. I watch all the makeup artists who are huge on YouTube, I buy really high end makeup but I also love drugstore makeup. (Side note: when did drugstore makeup start getting so expensive though??)

All that to say…I sat in our empty guest room (we call it the ZEN ROOM) in front of a mirror and did my makeup 100 different ways and experimented with braiding my hair. Oh and my brother sat in there with me while he worked. What a pal…


So there you have it. My $20 treat day. Since Adam and I are going on a beach vacation with his family next weekend, I sold a few clothes over on Instagram and intend on buying some beachwear soon. There’s something strangely challenging (in the best way) about being on a budget.


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  • This was inspiring since though I haven’t been doing as much traveling as you guys have for Death To Stock I have been spending lots of money on upgrading my workspace and buying a few things to help with my workflow at the office. I am going to budget this weekend for the coming months and try spending less. $20 dollars can go a long way.

    • It’s a good way to spend your money though – a good investment. $20 feels like such a treat when you really can’t spend much more money on those extra things like a coffee drink.

  • That bronzer is the BEST. I’ve bought it at least 4-5 times already.

  • Heeeeey girl!
    I love the challenge of NOT spending money! I’ve got so much stuff that can be repurposed and shop my house a lot. Moving furniture from one room to another…putting together outfits (dressy mixed with casual)…cleaning out my car! Everything old is new again!
    I wish I had mastered the art of makeup at your age. It just magnifies my droopy eyelids and crows feet now. UD naked palette and mascara are about all I can use anymore.
    Remember young people…

  • Ballin on a budget is the best and the smartest, by far!!!

    Our culture (and SO many lifestyle blogs) seem to preach that spending more money will make you more happy. This is not the first time you’ve posted about money/budgeting, and It’s a breath of fresh air to hear you discussing finances honestly and openly rather than upholding a false message of spending/new stuff=happiness. (I’m not against ANYONE enjoying life or rewarding themselves. Just saying it’s a breath of fresh air to hear honesty and openness about finances.)

    Thanks for the real talk! Please keep up these kinds of honest, inspiring tidbits because you shine!

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