Why We Create

Andy Newman, an incredibly talented videographer, recently featured us in his new series called Why We Create. He spent three hours at our studio while we sketched, talked and shared some of our fears and excitement when it comes to owning our own business. I hope you enjoy!

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Comments (20)

  • I struggle with feeling like “it’s all been done before” constantly. Well said.

  • I love this video and the background music for it! I love how you said “I never want to foster the belief of something that’s not real”. Too often, we take things at face value, not taking into account the hard work that was put behind it. There’s an unglamorous side to everything.

    • Thanks Jessica! Totally agree. Blogging, Instagram + Pinterest sometimes masks reality (although reality can be beautiful). Gotta keep it real!

  • I saw this video elsewhere (can’t remember where!) and couldn’t pin point that it was you! A lovely insight and such beautiful videography. x

  • What a great video!! Love it!

  • Love this video, Allie! I love the way Andy shot it. After meeting y’all ( and hearing how you guys talk and such ), the editing made me feel like I was there! Also love everything y’all talk about. Funny that you pointed out “I don’t shower enough,” haha! I think people forget the person behind the blog ( or brand ) is still a regular person!

    • Aw thanks Kory! i’m glad it feels authentic. And my authentic = not showering enough. LOL

  • I’m so happy to see this. Your thoughts about your work and ideas are so refreshing, and this whole series is such a lovely idea. It’s so nice to hear people talk about work and life and the massive venn diagram area where those two meet (especially for creatives).

  • This was such a lovely watch! You said some interesting things and I love your studio! It’s gorgeous! :) Also, props to Andy for making this video so good, it just goes on naturally and it’s easy to watch and connect with it.

  • Gosh, I love you guys. I finally got to see this tonight because my internet at work is ridiculously slow. Thank you for sharing ‘you’ and serious props to Andy (ditto Jovanna) for capturing your spirit.

    • Awww shucks. I love hearing this. I was very self conscious about my voice but figured…hey it’s me!!

  • This was great! However, I think you meant for your title to say Why We Create, not We Why Create.

    • LOL! I don’t know how I (or anyone else) didn’t catch that. That’s what happens when I post so late at night and am deliriously tired :)

  • I love this! As someone who aspires to one day be my own boss, it’s helpful to see the inner workings of other people living that reality, especially the fears and sacrifices you face. Thanks for sharing!

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