NYC, The Second Day


Our second day in New York City was…drenched. It rained all day and the wind was quite impressive. Read: my hair instantly turned into a nest of frizz. We had a few meetings in Little Italy and so we ducked into Oro Bakery & Bar for some warm drinks while the guys drooled over their pretzel bagels (yes, I was jealous). This pretzel bagel really got into their head and for the remainder of the trip they would duck into bakeries across the city seeking something similar. No luck.



We were able to meet with Stephen from Skillshare. We love Skillshare’s mission + their desire to share while supporting anyone who’s willing to learn. The rest of our day consisted of the Chelsea Market (I was too busy drooling over all the food to shoot photos) and headed back to Brooklyn to tend to client work. The rain really put a buzzkill on our shooting plans but we knew sun was in the forecast.

This trip was the most stressful when it came to juggling client deadlines while also shooting and exploring the city. I see such a shift happening in The Wonder Jam’s day-to-day lives as we finish up the first half of 2014. I’m working on co-writing a book (!!) and we’ll be launching some online resources by the end of the year. “Making money while we sleep.” That’s the goal.


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  • Guh, I LOVE Skillshare! I interviewed Stephen for a website I freelanced for when they first started out, and I remember thinking, “Yes! Exactly!” I work a full-time job, and I’ll be paying my undergrad loans for a while yet, so it’s encouraging to have a place to go to learn new things and stretch my capabilities without having to pay another tuition or give up my income. Plus, I get to experiment with various interests without much risk.

    The last time I was in New York, it rained pretty much the whole time, too! My socks were soaked, and we were drenched the whole time, but New York looks pretty beautiful even under clouds and water, huh? Just wish I had a pretzel bagel right about now!

    • Me too!! So funny that you’ve chatted with Stephen too! It’s such an empowering company. My brother just started his own company and I know it will be so helpful!

      I totally get the wet socks thing too. My hair was literally so hilarious!!

  • I’ve been to New York numerous times, but I still can’t believe I haven’t been to Chelsea Market, which is a shame because food! I still haven’t tried Skillshare first hand yet but I love their mission statement as well as their goal.

    • It’s wonderful!! I love the pop-up shops they have there too. I’ve taken 2 skillshare classes and am excited to dive into more this summer.

  • What lens are you using? Your DOF is to die for! :)

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