Studio Updates

The Wonder Jam 4

I thought I’d share a few updates on the studio! We’ve had it for almost two months and has become my favorite place to be! Not only is it a place that can bring about peace + quiet, it’s also a place where people feel comfortable and can collaborate.

The Wonder Jam 3

Our friend Danielle came over to create one of her amazing food typography creations while we worked. When it was time to be photographed, I popped over and snapped what I needed.

The Wonder Jam 2

Our other friend Tim has been using his talents to give us the most amazing custom addition! We are seriously so lucky. He just installed this shelf/standing desk up at the front. Look at that copper detailing! He also built the table (in the top photo). We found an artist on Etsy to make us that custom metal diamond.

The Wonder Jam1

Overall it’s been really amazing. We’ve stayed within our budget and it’s makes such a difference. I don’t sit in the studio feeling guilty for throwing non-existent money at unnecessary decor. My tips for someone investing in a workspace?

  • Set a budget and stick to it! It’ll never REALLY feel “finished” so take it slow.
  • Go to IKEA for lamps, rugs + frames (so cheap!)
  • Barter + trade for services or items.
  • Invite people in. Even if it’s feels out of the way! Ours doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic but we are intentional about hosting or meetings.


April 21, 2014