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Spring Wardrobe

The weather forecast is looking promising: temps in the 50s and 60s for the next 10 days so I’m hoping that I can bust out my spring wardrobe soon! Last year I shared exactly how I pared down my wardrobe and as the weather started turning warmer, I realized that I pretty much got rid of everything in the purge.

Using the same methodology, I finally nailed down my warmer-weather-wardrobe vibe. Here it is:


Colors: navy, white, grey, black, tan, light pink, grey. Prints: polka dots, stripes.

We are on a legit budget right now so I sold about $200 worth of my old clothing via Instagram to jump start my warmer weather wardrobe. I ended up using Everlane credit, traded services for clothes with a local boutique + intense online shopping session with ASOS’ sale section (you have to sort through A LOT of crop tops and boxy t-shirts to get what you want) to get a great base. I’ll round it all out next month for my birthday at the outlet mall.

I always aim for timeless, not trendy. It took a lot of willpower to not pick up some crazy printed dress or a kimono. It has also taken me awhile to discern what I’m seeing online (usually a 5′ 10″ model who wears an XS) but now I’m able to look for cuts and fabric that I personally love.

Where do you shop? How to approach shopping? What styles are you loving this season?


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Comments (5)

  • I envisioned your uniform before I saw it! I jut bought some dark wash jeans, a pair of pop color mustard pants, and a light warm grey skirt, which should now cover my transition. I never considered that bottoms would be more essential to switching over. I’m considering a pair of neutral leather flats as uniform footwear, otherwise I should be finished. Hopefully I’ll be cute enough to keep up with you! :)

    • I kind of like that you could envision it :) I never realized bottoms would be such a huge part too. I bought 2 skirts even though I don’t really like wearing them or dresses.

      I’ve been wearing a pair of sneakers that I got from J Crew 2 years ago a lot and have enjoyed not being too cold since my feet are always freezing.

  • I get you. The clothes always look gorgeous on the models when shopping online and I always have to remind me how much shorter I am (and how bigger my size is).
    And yes! to timeless instead of trendy. I don’t much care for trends.
    Your color and style choices are absolutely the best for the season! Timeless, comfortable, simple. It just works!

    • Thanks Kelly! It’s been a slow process because I always thought “Oh that dress is so cute” but then it’s like down to my shin because I’m so short LOL

  • We are completely on the same page, I feel the same way with the colors and prints you selected. I also have been editing my wardrobe this year. I really love the process that you’re going through and am glad there are others like me out there! Yes to timeless!

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