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Last month we decided to take Sundays off. Sundays have become this little life boat that I end up hurling myself onto and holding onto for dear life. Well, that’s dramatic. My week isn’t a sinking ship but by Sunday I’m in need of a quiet inbox and a day where I don’t have to wear shoes.

Slowly but surely, our Sundays have slowly seeped (retroactively) into Saturday and a real weekend formed. The adjustment reminds me of our trip to Jamaica in 2012. I had a mini panic attack because I didn’t know how to be still or what to do without my laptop. There are times where Adam and I feel the need to defend ourselves if we still want to work a bit during the weekend. It’s still odd to look at my bookshelf filled with unread adventures and know that I could jump in at that very moment.

How do you treat weekday nights and weekends? Do you adhere to a traditional work schedule and use that time to relax/work on personal projects? Do you find yourself working during the weekend to “get ahead?”

*PS If I DO work during the weekend, I schedule my emails to go out Monday morning. It helps keep those two days pretty quiet and sacred. 

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  • We have no real work schedule but seem to be falling into a bit of a routine. Wake up at 9-11am. Chill out, watch something, catch up on internet things. Start working around 2pm and work-ish all the way 11pm. Watch tv shows and don’t generally fall asleep till 3am. And repeat. Haha. Weekends over wedding season are usually weddings and then a catch up day of just chilling out the day afterwards. Not the healthiest of routines is it? Haha.

    • Your schedule is exactly what I would do if I didn’t have so many day meetings (and now an office/studio space). I naturally wake up around 10/11am and get productive around 2/3pm. Then stay up late :) People always give me a hard time about it but I still am productive!

  • oh allie! i love your blog, it’s so real!
    i don’t really have weekends because i am still studying and teachers tend to give us ridiculous amounts of homework. but as the school year is winding down, im getting really excited for quiet, lazy days:)

    • Aw I love hearing that!! I’m excited that you’ll have those quiet, lazy weekends soon. They are the best!

  • I try to stick to the same working schedule my husband has so that we can spend evenings and weekends together. That doesn’t always happen, because sometimes there is just a lot of work. But I am trying my best to prioritize and manage my time better. I find I do well when I write down a schedule for the day and avoid watching Netflix while I work!

    • It’s so wonderful when you can try to prioritize your spouse and their schedule! Our days can STILL be so segmented even though we run a business together. I love the nights where we can hang out, watch tv or get dinner.

  • I think it is so important to take the weekends off, I started doing this about 2 years ago and it made me so much more sane and productive during the week. It was hard at first but I just kept reminding myself that if I had a regular office job even in the design field I would have the weekends off so I wasn’t being lazy I was just trying to keep some normalcy in my crazy freelance life. :)

    • It’s true!! It’s nice to see friends, relax, drink and eat good food! I love it. I’ll probably work tomorrow but Sundays are ALWAYS off limits.

  • I’ve been thinking about taking a day off each week a lot, but I haven’t implemented that yet. My schedule is so messy that it’s hard to allow myself to take a day off when I don’t feel I’ve got enough work in. /o\

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