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If you came over to my house, I’d tell you to take a seat. On my lumpy, uncomfortable couch. So sweet of me, right? We bought our couch when we moved into our townhouse in 2012 and it’s seen better days. We snagged it from World Market for a mere $650. We’re high rollers, obviously.

Here’s the deal, I work a lot. I’m not far from being 30 years old. I need an adult couch. And I’m willing to drop some mad cash. One that I can sink into. One where you could cuddle comfortably with another person (aka Adam). One where my dog won’t smash the back cushions down because he is strangely cat-like.

So I’m asking you! Do you have a couch that you love? I need recommendations.

*Couch doodle by me. It doesn’t look that comfortable. The font is Core Circus.


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  • We felt the same way, so we bought our couch from Bassett. You get to design every single aspect of it-depth of seat, cushion filler (foam or down), arm style, etc. it was the only way we felt we could gt exactly what we wanted.

  • I went crazy searching for the perfect couch when I bought my house. Found the perfect LOOKING couch (mid century), but in practice it needed to be much larger and smushier. Now I have a giant sectional-type couch that fits 6 people comfortably and my dog has in-fact squashed one of the cushions to his liking. Go for comfort over cute!

    • I honestly knew I would do the same thing if I didn’t honestly think about COMFORT. That has to be it! Even if it’s a generic micro suede poop colored couch :)

  • I bought a couch in 2003 from Ethan Allen. It was expensive, but I STILL love it. It’s super comfy. I have dreams of reuphulstering it, but in reality the fabric (microfiber) is still fine.

    • Yeah I am thinking of looking at a place like that and I don’t even care how pretty it is. I just want it to be super comfortable.

  • Oh man I’m looking for the perfect couch as well! It’s SO difficult. If you find one, please let me know!!

  • We splurged on a Crate & Barrel couch, the Axis line. Some days I seriously want to sleep on it instead of my bed! It’s so amazing. If you go to the Easton location you can sit on all the various styles and test them out! I was hesitant at first bc I had never spent so much $$$ on furniture but then I was so thrilled once it arrived.

  • We’ve had to buy all our furniture over the last year since moving to Portland because our apartment in Amsterdam was furnished. It has been quite the expense and required budget finds here and there, but we decided to splurge for a Kensington sofa from Restoration Hardware. It’s so cozy and the green velvet is unique, we couldn’t be happier with it. Good luck with your search!

    • I’m really learning towards Restoration Hardware but with that kind of price tag we’ll probably make the purchase closer to Christmas. Still so exciting! Thanks Carly!

  • cece rider

    I’ll take your couch! haha
    Also- I LOVE restoration hardware’s distressed leather couches. They have some that are too structured, but others that are perfect.

    • LOL!! Even in it’s smashed-ness? We always sit on Restoration’s couches when we’re at Easton and just drool (away from the fabric).

  • Restoration Hardware is pricy, but worth every penny. Everything is deep, cushy yet still somehow firm. Fabrics are surprisingly durable, too. We were going to splurge last year and then I found an unbelievable deal at West Elm and we did that instead. Huge mistake which will only be corrected by saving our pennies for the real Resto. deal.

    • Their stuff is so freakin’ amazing. So far I’ve had lots of Restoration suggestions so we’ll probably go that route…

  • JCPenny. Hands down has the best deals (you can use multiple coupons), great options and stylish too! We love ours but sadly the pets have taken it over. Good luck in your search!

  • We were in the same situation and I fell in love with the Crate and Barrel Lounge! Seriously SO comfortable and pretty on the eyes too!

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