Things I’ve Learned Since Simplifying My Wardrobe


Since I posted about simplifying my wardrobe, I’ve learned a lot more about my style. When I first started paring down my clothes, I had an idea of who I wanted to be in my mind. On my mood board I had lots of sweaters, blazers, blouses, animal print pants (?), and heels.

Maybe it’s this brutal weather but this winter I learned that I do not like:

  • Oxfords (My feet are child-sized and look clunky)
  • Blazers (I like feeling restricted)
  • Anything lighter than a dark, dark denim.
  • HEELS.

But for real on the heels. I have practically lived in my knee-high boots since November. I keep them anyway thinking that I’ll someday wear them.

As spring nears (gosh I hope spring is near) I’m starting to think through my warmer-weather-style. I’m taking a trip to Las Vegas and San Diego this month and I realized I don’t really have anything to wear for that climate. When I purged my closet, a lot of those clothes didn’t make the cut. I want a little more personality than my winter wardrobe…while still making it easy to get dressed in the morning.

While I figure this out, follow along on my Warmer Weather Uniform Pinterest board! Next week I’ll share how I prep for my west coast trip while keeping a budget!

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Comments (10)

  • Ah, yes! Warm weather wardrobes are an entirely different beast. I am eager to see what catches your eye!

    We are going to Vegas this month too! I haven’t begin to plan what we will do there. But after this winter, it might just be sit by the pool.

    • They sure are! There is something comforting about a big baggy sweater :) Skimpy shirts and tank tops can be such a slap in the face after a winter like we’ve had!

      When will you be in Vegas??

  • I followed in your footsteps and simplified my wardrobe. I now have pieces that are made well and are classic. I too however purged a lot of summer clothes so I am looking forward to adding a few pieces soon!

    • Love it!! Isn’t it grand? I just bought about 10 pieces from ASOS with $200 and I’m pretty happy with the quality and style. Hope to share soon!

  • Love the “Warmer Weather Uniform” board idea. I currently have a single clothing inspiration board -which is messy, as it has piece for all seasons.
    After I read your “simply” post, I went ahead to do the same (or as close as I could). Felt SO good!

    • Yeah I realized my cold weather and warm weather looks are so different!! It’s helped me realize what to look for. Even little things like “Oh I don’t like scoop necks” or “Avoid billowing shirts!” help so much when shopping.

  • I definitely agree with your list of things you do not like. I’m kind of scared for the spring to come because I definitely do not have any spring clothing. It’s always a struggle to keep true to my style and choice of color (black) in the spring and summer. Great post!

    • Haha I was scared too!! But I went with neutrals (carmel/biege, light pink, navy, stripes and polka dots) and I’m loving what I’ve picked out from ASOS. It took really digging through their store but was happy with my finds!

  • Love simplifying my wardrobe. I am not a huge fan of wearing a ton of color, and so I have been paring my wardrobe down a lot that way, keeping a my greys and blacks. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Yeah I pretty much only wear dark jeans or black pants with neutral tops! I do have a bright green sweater but it feels weird when I wear it!

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