A studio! An office! It’s real.

The Wonder Jam HQ

It happened rather quickly but The Wonder Jam has offices. And a photo studio! And our neighbors make the best ice cream EVER. I tried to document our weekend progress from the same spot but you can’t see our little reception area to the left (empty), another office that’s closed off, a kitchen, a bathroom and a warehouse!

Right now we’re focusing on this large area (I’m standing right where my new desk will be) and the office. As you can see from the photo on Thursday, there was dark greenish blue carpet installed, green walls and beige trim. Adam and my brother ripped everything out on Friday night and Adam’s dad came to our rescue on Saturday.


Danielle of Food Typography (and her awesome husband) helped us dominate with paint rollers on Sunday afternoon. By that night, David joined the guys and they installed our wood laminate floors. These guys are seriously my heroes.


Oh and did I mention that while all of that was going on, Tim from The Micro Harvest was building us a 3.5 x 7 ft wood table with the scraps that Kevin donated? Or that I discovered that our new neighbors are hairpinlegs.com? I mean, really. I’m spoiled.

I linked to everyone in this post because by Sunday night…I sat in bed thinking about how really blessed we are. We’re surrounded by such talented people (who we get to call friends/family) and this past weekend couldn’t have happened without them all.

We tried to cram so much into a weekend because as a small business, we really can’t afford to take a week off to make this all happen. In between meetings and a photoshoot today, I’ll probably be staining our new table or researching trim…

March 3, 2014