Sin City. More like sleep city.

I spent a few days in Vegas last week and while it might be a city that never sleeps…I pretty much squashed that concept with my shoe. We really didn’t do anything too adventurous. I went to bed early, slept 8 hours, woke up and went to the pool, ate well and spent time with my dad/sister.

photo 5

We stayed at the Trump and I was so blown away at their amazing staff and customer service. Not only was it a gorgeous space but it always smelled like flowers.

O14A0545 copy

Trips like this remind me of why I need more siestas in my life.

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  • Sounds like my kind of vacation! I mean that’s why we take them right? To rest and relax.

  • i also had a very un-vegas vegas experience! i went there a few years ago for a synchronized swimming meet so i was waking up at 5am and crashing in the car back to the hotel by 7pm. i had a lot of pool time and a loooot of food (justified of course).
    i still loved it, the weather was beautiful, all my teammates were there and the sky is always blue! so i am sure your trip was amazing even though you did not follow the traditional rules!

    • Yes! You can still have great experiences in other cities no matter how different the ‘norm’ is! The weather there is just so lovely that I keep going back!

  • I went to Vegas once, for three weeks, and I went outside ONE TIME, when it was raining. The mall, hotel, lobby, theatre, casino were all connected. #wideeyedemoji

    • Ha!! Yes our hotel was right across the street from their big mall and then once you’re in Caesar’s…you’re set!

  • Hello siesta!!!!
    Seriously, the hotel looks great -so does that pool. So I’m happy for you that work was light enough and you had time to enjoy your stay with your family. :)

  • Siesta = rest & relax. it´s important.

  • I love reading about your Vegas trips. Mine are always full of rugby tournaments and chilly 50 degree days. One of these days I WILL visit during a warmer month!

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