State of Emergency


I blogged about how chaotic my life felt back on January 17th and no one wants to hear about that twice in one month. But I shared on Instagram on Monday that I needed to start being a good steward of my life. I had clients, friends + peers reach out saying they totally understood. It felt sort of nice to know I wasn’t alone in this crazy head of mine.

So for the next 2 weeks, I’m going to declare a state of emergency in my own life. Time to get a grip and this is the perfect time. I’m actually in Illinois right now (in the house where I grew up!) and will be until the 16th or the 17th of February.

I have some pretty basic goals:

  • Sleep normal hours. This is always an issue for me. Since I’ll be with my sister these next two weeks (hey sis, I know you’re reading this) – I think she’ll be a good influence. She goes to bed at like 9:30pm. My hero.
  • Eat clean. No I don’t mean juicing. Mostly eating whole foods and avoiding grain/sugar again like I did over a year ago. Lately I’ve been devouring chocolate like it will solve all my problems. I’ve also been having random skin issues too+ I know it all starts with diet.
  • WORKOUT! Have I mentioned that we’ve been having snowstorms + negative degree temps? Yeah it’s still happening. I never get to the gym. I might start P90X while I’m here. Oh and squats. Two straight weeks of working out will be a shock to my system (in the best way). I mean…I was sore yesterday from carrying my bags through the airport. #sadday
  • Create, uninterrupted. Since I’m 6 hours from my home…there’s not physical chance to have meetings all day. You guys, this will completely change my productivity + creativity.
  • Read + listen to podcasts. I realized the other day that I don’t read or listen to podcasts anymore. I tend to avoid doing either because Adam or Cece (our intern) are around or I’m working at a coffeeshop. I like to be available + keep the communication open. Now that I’ll have full days to myself, I plan on utilizing that time to listen to all my favorite podcasts. Or read in bed before I go to sleep.

So there it is. My extremely-down-to-the-basics goals. I’m embarrassed that I had to make these things my goals. These are things normal, happy people do every day…right? Oye. Follow along on Instagram.

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Comments (22)

  • I think practically everybody needs a wake up call once in a while because they forget the most important things. I think it’s reset time. And I respect you for taking it up so seriously! Good luck!

  • I’m right there with you on the intense winter! It’s so hard to get to the gym on a regular basis, even when it’s a quick drive away. Can I suggest you check out the daily burn? I’ve been doing it everyday and it’s pretty intense. Plus you can switch it up and do cardio one day and yoga the next.

    This is a great statement of intention, and you’re not alone! Good luck!

    • Seriously, girl. It’s SUCH an intense winter. I mean it’s cozy but dang. I haven’t heard of the daily burn. Checking it out now. Thanks Mel!

  • I think you should do whatever you need to do to feel healthy and stay sane. Enjoy your time here in IL, even though it’s incredibly snowy this week, haha. Feel better!

  • Love this. So practical and so needed. This winter has been rough on my motivation/productivity/desire to do anything other than lay on the couch and watch old episodes of Seinfeld. Definitely need to set some practical goals and get moving again!

    • Sometimes I forget to just get back to the basics, ya know? But I’m with you..I watched the whole series of Seinfeld last month haah!!

  • Good luck, Allie! I absolutely understand how life control totally slips out of our hands at times. This break is probably all you need right now. So, enjoy it! :)

  • Hang in there lady, this is going to be so good for you. :)

  • There is one more goal you should add to that list: do notttttt beat yourself up if you don’t accomplish ALL of the things you listed above. :)

    Sometimes, the act of going home its self is the biggest thing you can do for yourself—the quiet spaces in-between are everything. Like sleeping in your own bed. Having a conversation with your mom. Being good to yourself by saying “oh well” when you realize the trip isn’t as perfectly lined up as you set out for it to be.


  • Let’s Do This Together!

  • Ha ha – no, you’ve got it slightly wrong there I think. These are things normal happy people *TRY* to do everyday. Surely there’s no one that actually succeeds at them all on a regular basis? (I may give up if there is!)

    I think a 2-week sprint on them is a good plan to get back into balance though – that I believe is achievable! Good luck :)

  • I’d love to know some of your favorite podcasts!

  • Man.. I can’t even stress enough how much of a game changer having enough sleep is. And not just enough sleep, I mean the routine-gotta-go-to-bed-by-11 kind of sleep. That was my goal this year and sticking to it has been amazing. As a result, I can wake up earlier no problem and start my day by 6 am. I hated feeling like I just couldn’t fit in everything in one day. I still can’t but it’s getting better. Good luck!!

    • YES! I’m not even kidding, Celestine…I used to roll my eyes at the “go to bed at 11 kind of sleep” and now I’m a believer. I used to think that getting 8+ hours (even if I went to bed at 3am) was fine but now I know better!

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