State of Emergency


I blogged about how chaotic my life felt back on January 17th and no one wants to hear about that twice in one month. But I shared on Instagram on Monday that I needed to start being a good steward of my life. I had clients, friends + peers reach out saying they totally understood. It felt sort of nice to know I wasn’t alone in this crazy head of mine.

So for the next 2 weeks, I’m going to declare a state of emergency in my own life. Time to get a grip and this is the perfect time. I’m actually in Illinois right now (in the house where I grew up!) and will be until the 16th or the 17th of February.

I have some pretty basic goals:

  • Sleep normal hours. This is always an issue for me. Since I’ll be with my sister these next two weeks (hey sis, I know you’re reading this) – I think she’ll be a good influence. She goes to bed at like 9:30pm. My hero.
  • Eat clean. No I don’t mean juicing. Mostly eating whole foods and avoiding grain/sugar again like I did over a year ago. Lately I’ve been devouring chocolate like it will solve all my problems. I’ve also been having random skin issues too+ I know it all starts with diet.
  • WORKOUT! Have I mentioned that we’ve been having snowstorms + negative degree temps? Yeah it’s still happening. I never get to the gym. I might start P90X while I’m here. Oh and squats. Two straight weeks of working out will be a shock to my system (in the best way). I mean…I was sore yesterday from carrying my bags through the airport. #sadday
  • Create, uninterrupted. Since I’m 6 hours from my home…there’s not physical chance to have meetings all day. You guys, this will completely change my productivity + creativity.
  • Read + listen to podcasts. I realized the other day that I don’t read or listen to podcasts anymore. I tend to avoid doing either because Adam or Cece (our intern) are around or I’m working at a coffeeshop. I like to be available + keep the communication open. Now that I’ll have full days to myself, I plan on utilizing that time to listen to all my favorite podcasts. Or read in bed before I go to sleep.

So there it is. My extremely-down-to-the-basics goals. I’m embarrassed that I had to make these things my goals. These are things normal, happy people do every day…right? Oye. Follow along on Instagram.

February 5, 2014