The Spicy Life


Valentine’s Day is Friday and you couldn’t get a bigger eye roll from me…

I love my husband but I don’t love a holiday filled with overpriced crap, crowded restaurants + obligatory romance. Now that I officially sound like a grump, I’d have to say that I still believe in keeping in spicy (but let’s keep it spicy every day)! I’m 26 years old and this June we’ll be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary. I’m happy to say that it gets better each year. And yes I’m talking about the romance, the love and the sex.

So while I might be a hypocrite for posting this the week of Valentine’s Day…here are a few ways we like to keep the romance alive as a married couple (who also work together full-time):


We got our first couples massage in Vegas a few years ago and we tend to do this often now! While we definitely get them on vacation (Jamaica’s massages were awesome…the ones in Hawaii were not!) we also like to get them here in town. We have the cutest little spa right behind our house. Their room is peaceful and they’re extremely attentive to what kind of massage you want. Adam usually wants it to hurt a bit and I’d rather it be relaxing. It’s a fabulous way to take an hour break. If you’re in Columbus – check out Open Sky Day Spa! I love Kacy!


This isn’t an original concept but we dig it. I remember an old episode of Modern Family where Claire meets Phil at the hotel bar on Valentine’s Day. It’s fabulous, watch it. Adam and I are always willing to rent a hotel room to mix things up! Even if we stay put in Columbus, it takes away all the distractions (work, computer, messy house, dog) and lets you just spend time together. Usually we browse Hotwire and pick a swanky hotel for half the price. We’ll usually enjoy the sites nearby and love walking to a restaurant for dinner. Plus, king sized beds rock.


This tip is a little abstract. But we’ve planned anniversaries around nostalgia before. A few years ago we visited our alma mater, ate at our (old) favorite restaurant + went to a concert (the same artist we had seen while we were dating). It’s fun to recall old memories, remember the days when you first held hands and talk about how far you’ve come. When you forget the whole journey, you stop seeing the whole picture.


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If so, what are your plans? Not into the holiday? How do you keep the spicy life alive?

February 10, 2014