Slowing Down


Over the past week, I’ve allowed my life to slow down quite a bit. These are some of the things that have helped…


Plus quality time with my sister, Skype calls with Adam, adding butter oil/fermented cod liver oil to my diet + baking donuts.

It has been fantastic. How have you been?

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Comments (12)

  • slowing down life at home is the BEST. i love staying with my parents or siblings :)

  • It seems like you are always on the go so I am glad that you are slowing down! The Creative Habit is an excellent book. I learned a lot. I hope you are enjoying it so far! I haven’t painted in a while – maybe I’ll give that a try today. Hope you have a lovely Tuesday, Allie!!

  • How is the book, The Creative Habit?

  • Is there not anything you can’t make beautiful? Those paintings are just adorable.

    • Aw thanks Carrie!! I was basically copying off other things on Pinterest (I learn well that way) but I appreciate it :D

  • I guess I can say that life is slowing down a little bit too. Not in the way that there isn’t anything going on. But I think slowing down for me means finally getting a better grip on things and adapting a routine. Regularly eating breakfast, getting most of my planned work done in a day, going to the gym and sleeping at a decent hour.. small victories right? I’m glad things are going well for you too :)

  • Great blog!! I love your watercolour writing they are really pretty =]

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