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When you write a blog, you know you’re obviously talking about yourself a bit more than someone who doesn’t blog. I mean…it’s weird when you think about it. This post felt specifically Allie-y. But I’m excited about some things and thought they’d be worth sharing:

  • We just launched Liz’s new site this AM! Check it out. She’s giving away thousands of dollars worth of healthy-living-goodies and her book launched TODAY! It’s called Eat The Yolks. And it’s wonderful.
  • In my last post, I told you about how I’m taking a trip to Vegas. Well I decided to prolong the trip for another four days and am heading to San Diego and then a resort in Carlsbad. Guess who I get to hang out with?
  • I manage the social media accounts for Ecco Domani wines and we’re collaborating with some amazing bloggers this year. Follow along on Facebook.
  • We, Death to the Stock Photo, hosted a party this past weekend and it was packed! We brought on Jared Mahone to perform and we were able to shoot a music-themed pack for March 1st. Oh and David snapped that photo of me. ^  Sign up if you haven’t yet.
  • If you just started blogging or have been for awhile – you might be interested in our next venture. Our company, The Wonder Jam, will be launching an ongoing online class for those that want to hit certain goals, grow + even monetize their online space. Fill out the form here if you’re interested.

Okay that’s enough self-promotion for one post. I might gag if I continue on much longer. In exchange for all of that – tell me about things in your life! Projects, cool things at work, your dog did something awesome, you’re hooked on an iPhone game?

Tell me 5 things that are awesome in YOUR life right now.

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  • So jealous you and V are meeting up! I want to meet both of you – damn many many miles between us all! Sounds like you have some awesome projects on the go at the moment – really nice range of different things too, would help to not get bored!

    Hmm. 5 awesome things in my life right now….
    1. It’s my birthday today. 28 years old now! Ahhh!
    2. Wedding season is in full force and we’ve had some really awesome weddings so far this season that I can’t wait to share with the world.
    3. I’ve found my new favourite ice block/cream – Magnum Kisses ‘creme brulee’ flavour. YUM.
    4. I’ll hopefully be travelling to Australia some time in May/June cause Hook is going to be working as part of a film crew over there for a project for 2 months.
    5. I just ate pizza. And it was goooooood.

    • Aw I wish you could join us!! It’s in our 5 year plan to visit NZ/Australia so we’ll make it happen. Because you probably don’t want to come to Ohio haha.

      Happy BIRTHDAY lady!! I turn 27 in a few months. We are getting up there. Hope had a fabulous day.

  • i am so happy for you! so many fun, exciting projects;))))
    1. i have been doing a 52 week self portrait challenge with a group of 300+ photographers on facebook. it is very hard to find the creativity every week, but everyone is so talented and inspiring!
    2. i am graduating high school this spring so i get to go to senior prom. and i think i found the dress, weee!
    3. i am planning two huge backpacing trips around europe (one with my childhood friends from barcelona and one with my current friends in dc) and i can barely stand the excitement!!!
    4. i am going to florida tomorrow for a synchronized swimming national meet and i am nervous/excited. i cant believe i have to pack sunscreen and shorts, because its snowing outside.
    5. i am waiting for college admission decisions and trying to plan things with all this uncertainty is so hardddd!

    ps. and that picture of you is gorgeous:)

    • Graduation! How exciting! Backpacking around Europe sounds so awesome. Good luck at your national meet. The warm weather should feel amazing :) I can’t wait to experience it next month.

  • 1. I am trying to find a job in my dream city, Savannah. I have a phone call today at 1:30 that could really make this a reality. I’m crossing my fingers and toes.

    2. In lieu of this, I’m de-cluttering and selling a lot of my stuff, so that’s a wee bit refreshing.

    3. I’m rocking the Kerri Walsh braid today and feeling super adorable.

    4. This comes despite the fact that I’m trying to give up foundation… my skin is really being affected negatively by no foundation and I really need to get used to seeing myself without it if I can’t find one that isn’t full of toxic chemicals and that keeps it looking healthy.

    5. I am swamped with design work. This is bad, but also really great, as it affords me the opportunity to build my portfolio.

    • try http://www.vapourbeauty.com/face/Vapour-Organic-Beauty-Atmosphere-Soft-Focus-Foundation.asp

      This is my all time favorite. I have every single thing they have (except eye liner, not gluten free). I’ve tried every organic brand is this is the best coverage, smell and ingredients! They have different types of foundations, liquid, stick and stick concealer. All are amazing and serve all your needs. I esp.love it because I don’t feel like my face is suffocating and is actually being moisturized.

    • Oh that’s exciting!! I hope the call went well, Audrey! Also, I’d suggest a Tarte foundation. I started using it and have liked how easy it is on the skin. Congrats on being swamped with work. I know it can be stressful but also such a blessing. xo

  • Amazing, Allie!!! Love the update!! xx

  • 1. I bought a new computer desk but it was delivered with its glass top broken. Totally bummed and waiting on the replacement.

    2. I am a new mom at home with my son and realizing more and more that I need to figure out how to work from home somehow.

    3. I miss sleep.

    4. I’m totally obsessed with the tv show Shameless. This current season is soooo good. I’m trying really hard not to watch Sunday’s episode without my husband.

    5. I’m traveling to Philly at the end of this week to visit my in-laws. It is our first trip with our son (who is a month old) so I’m trying not to panic haha

    • I haven’t heard of Shameless but I already like the title. A month old! That is tough. Almost all my friends have more than one kid so I know how hard the transition can be. I’ll be thinking of you, Laura!

  • This all sounds so exciting!! Congratulations on all of the new projects. [:

    Here’s a little bit about my life right now.

    1. I’ve been feeling particularly inspired lately with my blog, which is always nice. I love it when inspiration comes easily.

    2. In a couple of weeks, I’m heading to Florida for spring break! Where I’m at, there’s been a lot of snow, so everyone here is dying for some warmth. And a tan will be nice too [:

    3. A trip to India is coming up for me this summer! I’ll be working with the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, which is so exciting because I’m fascinated by Mother Teresa. Right now, I’m doing my best to make as much money as I can to make up for the cost of that… It’ll be so worth it though.

    4. I’m hopefully learning how to do wheel throwing in the next couple of weeks. I want to make a set of plates and a yarn bowl. We’ll see how that goes.

    5. I’m continuing to improve on my crochet techniques, hence the yarn bowl. I would love to be able to sell my stuff sometime, but we’ll see. Hopefully in the next year sometime.

    Thanks for caring. Hooray for awesome lives!

    • Thanks lady!! Warm weather FTW! And India sounds amazing!! Good for you for trying wheel throwing and working on crocheting. It’s those things that keep us inspired too!

  • Definitely worth sharing! I think you deserve a little self-promotion on your space.

    Five awesome things happening now:
    1. Just booked my flight to Costa Rica this spring! I’ll be working there for 2.5 weeks with the non-profit that I work for. Super stoked.
    2. Also, just booked my flight with my husband to Yosemite where we’ll be backpacking for a week and then spending another week in the Bay area. It’ll be my first time on the west coast!
    3. I’m opening a shop with my friend next week, so I’m currently feeling nervous, eager, excited, and panicked about that.
    4. My husband and I are anticipating his grad school admissions soon and then we’ll finally know where we’re moving this summer!
    5. Sounds odd to celebrate this, but I finally put in my last-day notice at work! This means that I’ll finally be able to focus my time on creating and doing what I love!

    • Aw thanks Emily. YAY travel. I love hearing people booking various trips here in the comments. Be sure to share your shop with me on Twitter or something!! And CONGRATS on putting in your notice. Doesn’t it feel amazing?

  • As always, you’re such a busy bee! Hope you have fun in San Diego! I’m planning to go there this Summer.
    For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been pretty addicted to Clash of Clans game. O.o PRETTY addicted!

    • Thanks Kelly!! And thanks for the post/feature today. I loved it!! My husband plays that game (i’m pretty sure). I try not to download games because I also can get addicted! Tetris specifically.

  • I always love reading your little updates, Allie!

    1. My husband and I are coming up on our two year anniversary in May so we are trying to figure out where we would like to go. Thinking the west coast.
    2. In the works of opening up an Etsy shop with a friend soon.
    3. I am learning more and more about design. My brain is overloaded with information, but I love it.
    4. Our basement flooded, but it helped us realize how much stuff we have and how much we need to get rid of.
    5. I dyed my hair purple over the weekend and love it. It feels very me.

    • Congrats on 2 years!! We are celebrating 5 this summer. Time FLIES.

      Brain overload is sometimes exciting when you love what you’re learning. And I saw your hair on Instagram. I LOVE IT!

  • SO EXCITED to hang out! This is going to be a blast.

  • It’s nice to see that everything is going well for you. You are certainly keeping busy!

  • Yayyyy you’re coming to my hood! (Sort of. I claim the entirety of SoCal as my hood!). How exciting. And congrats on all your ventures and success! I love following along :)

    • Haha I love it!! How far are you from San Diego??

      • Now I live in LA so I’m about 2 hours away! But I grew up closer to SD and growing up that was the closest big city to my small suburban hometown. I love San Diego, it’s so beautiful!

  • AHH! i am excited for the music photos from DTSP! they will be making an appearance on some of my music posts, i’m sure :)

    5 things that are awesome?
    – my car has been starting even when it is -25C! best.
    – DJed my first gig since being away for a month, and though i was worried that i’d be rusty, it went awesome.
    – pharrell’s ‘happy’ (pretty much listen to it on repeat when i get ready every morning…
    – upcoming possibilities of portfolio-building photo shoots with a couple dear friends
    – coming up on 6 months with my love, and still feel like the luckiest girl EVA.


  • 1. Heading to DC to see a college friend on spring break. Kids and I are taking a road trip!

    2. I am writing for some Indian web developers. It’s an adventure. English as a second and third language makes for interesting communication. Seriously, feels good to be writing again.

    3. Wrote some poems the other day.

    4. Doing a craft show this summer with a good friend. Been making stuff…

    5. Committed to checking out 2-4 cook books a month from the library and making at least 3 dishes from each.

    • that would be cook books. I am getting tired of the same old same old…

    • A roadtrip sounds so fun! When is their spring break? Love hearing that you’re creating + trying new things. I love the idea of checking out cookbooks from the library.

  • great update per usual.

    1. It’s Friday
    2. Tickets to NYC + Boston booked for end of March—reservations at Craft done did!
    3. Tickets to see Aziz Ansari stand up in April done did!
    4. Finally comfortable with tripod headstand–did it and taught it in front of students for the first time last week!
    5. Did I mention it’s Friday? ;)


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