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I want to go back in time and sit on this patio in NYC. Pretty please? While I’m dreaming about our next trip, I figure I need to get some stuff in order beforehand. Earlier this month, Adam and I made goals for this year and so far it’s kept me on track! Quarter 1 + 2 are about hitting some major financial goals. I finally handed over the bookkeeping, invoicing, budgeting and savings to Adam and it feels so good. I had been a control freak for way too long and I’M NOT EVEN GOOD AT HANDLING MONEY. Or adding. Subtracting. Etc.

Quarter 3 + 4 are when things get fun. Hopefully we’ll travel. Hopefully launching some products. Hopefully getting a studio space.

With my mind on my longterm goals, I have some smaller goals for the next month or so:

  1. Continue to not shop online every time I’m stressed or overworked. Besides a great J.Crew Factory sale + an occasional piece of lingerie, I’ve managed not to shop as much as I did in 2013. Absolutely nothing that I own makes me happy (except my dog).
  2. Use TeamGantt consistently to ensure that we don’t overbook ourselves! My last post was all about how I needed a way to visually see it all. I FOUND IT!
  3. Move my body so my butt doesn’t get flat. And eat real food, often. It’s not rocket science. But mostly it’s for my bootie.
  4. Read just one fiction novel. And watch all the Lord of the Rings movies. It’s true…I’ve never seen them!

Baby steps. What’s up in your life?

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  • I’ve been trying to not shop online in 2014 and have been failing miserably. But I’ve been cooking way more.
    Off to check TeamGantt, I’m always on the look for the perfect project management tool… :)

  • I’ve been trying to keep my groceries under $50/week but I have so many odds and ends right now I am going to challenge myself to finish those off in the last week of January as not to waste fresh produce, etc. :)

    • I feel the same way about fresh produce. Either I buy too much and waste or buy to little and then dread going to the store day-to-day. I can’t tell what wastes more money because I always buy more if I go back to the grocery vs one big trip…

  • i wish i could time travel too and i am pretty my time in nyc would be a time i would like to travel back to as well.

    oh that online shopping is always so tempting specially with sales going on. i have been a good girl lately and keep it to the minimum too.

    • If only we could go back in an instant!! So many sales though. I have all promo emails sent to a specific folder and so I’ve been trying to avoid it…

  • Haha I’m literally watching Lord of the Rings as I was reading this. Too funny. I haven’t seen them in years!

    • I have a feeling I’m going to love them!! Then people won’t stop harassing me about how I’ve never seen them :)

  • 1) Can I just say I love everything on your small goals list! It’s hilarious – I too limit myself to the occasional J Crew Factory sale indulgence because I buy things when I’m stressed and need a boost. Not the most cost-effective form of therapy… :)

    2) In a stroke of complete irony that is consistent with my life, I JUST made a project workflow doc in Drive last week that looks exactly like the baby version of your TeamGantt resource. Looks like mine on steroids though so I’m looking forward to checking it out!

    • Their sales ARE pretty good. I’m so typical though and bought the same sweater I already own in 3 other colors LOL. I like knowing exactly what I like :)

      Hope TeamGantt will help you out! I was also using a spreadsheet but it just wasn’t working out for me.

  • I love your posts and how honest you are about owning a business and living your life. I’ve definitely not online shopped as much this year but I have been shopping in real life a little too much. Oops.

    • I try! It’s so rewarding yet so complicated sometimes haha. I’ve been trying to buy stuff for other people if I get an urge to shop. Yesterday I bought little finger puppets for all my friends’ kids! Now I just need to find a creative way to ship.

  • oh man. j.crew factory seems to ALWAYS be 40% off and there’s always SOMETHING I realllly like. I have to always remind myself it isn’t something I need. To keep myself in control, I’ve just started unsubscribing from any email newsletter that is trying to sell me things.

    • ALWAYS. Haha how do they always have so many great sales? I never need anything I get from there! I send all newsletter/salesy emails to a specific folder but I always forget that unsubscribing would just be better…

  • It’s my goal in life to build a time machine. My future self is working on it. I guess she hasn’t succeeded yet because I’m still here. When I do make it happen, I can give you a whirl.

    Sales are my weakness. I’m too emotional. I see “sale” and it automatically triggers “buy!” I’m avoiding sales at the moment; it’s the only way to keep my wallet healthy.

    • I hope she succeeds soon! Thanks for letting me try if she figures it out ;)

      I’ve also avoiding sales! And since I’ve handed over all our bookkeeping/budgeting to my husband, I haven’t really shopped much since I have no idea how much money we really have at any moment. Perhaps I’m a genius…

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