When It’s Super Cold…

When it’s below zero (and -30 wind chill) you find yourself doing + experiencing new things. Here are just a few:

  • Your dog just won’t poop. He just won’t.
  • You see ice forming on the inside of your 100 year old apartment’s windows.
  • You starting seeing your curtains as shields.
  • Your husband braves the cold to get groceries and says earnestly, “Let’s make crockpot stuff this week!”
  • You carry around the space heater with you like a purse.
  • You put on chapstick 24/7 and coat yourself in lotion.
  • You throw a bucket of boiling water into the air…BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME.
  • You simultaneously want to take a bath but never get out.
  • You become amazed at the community surrounding you + everyones’ motivation to help those in need of shelter, food + warm clothes.
  • You get awesome photos texted to you from your family because they bought a coat + mittens for their dog.
  • You become a hermit + hunker down to finish the entire series of Seinfeld (we watched the whole thing in like a month). THESE PRETZELS ARE MAKIN’ ME THIRSTY!

But really, I have nothing to complain about. I have warmth, food + way to make money even if it’s colder than the north pole. I’m wishing you all the same blessings!

Is it cold where you are? Ohio can’t decide WHO she wants to be so it will be 50 degrees and raining on Saturday.


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Comments (24)

  • Hah! It sounds like your experience with the cold has been interesting and fun at times. :) Down here in Texas it’s 21 degrees out today. For us, that’s suuuuper cold! We Texans don’t do well with cold weather. Heh.

  • School is cancelled in Northern Virginia because it’s cold. No snow, just cold. Hilarious.

    Also, love the new sidebar :)

    • OSU is closed for the second day due to cold. No snow either. Crazy I tell ya!! And thanks for noticing the sidebar :)

  • Yep! That’s about the same thing going on around here! In middle Tennessee last night the low was around 2, so things have been awful for the last few days. However, by the weekend it’s supposed to get back up to around 60! Crazy!

  • *1000 on the your dog won’t poop. We had to get Liam a stupid sweater so he would go outside because he was so miserable.

  • It was rather depressing when I looked at the temp yesterday and it was 1 degree. A single degree. Our curtains have frozen to the window too.. I’ll have to try that bucket of boiling water tonight, I’m curious now!

  • I feel you. It’s been cold for weeks here in Northern Canada and I’ve left the house about 3 times in the last week and a half. Right now my weather app tells me it’s -26 º C and feels like -35º C (about -31ºF)! There’s no way I’m leaving the house tonight…

  • The cold is too astonishing for words. Luckily, I live in California and had the luxury of walking barefoot along the beach this past weekend. Sending sunshine and West Coast warmth!

    • I’m so jealous of that warmth! I just had a call with a client in LA today and she was so astonished by our frigid temps.

  • I’m right with you in downtown Cleveland. Space heater handbag as we speak. Beautiful post and sentiments!

  • Hi Allison, I came across your blog while looking for Everlane product reviews, really enjoy your blog content, and decided to say “hello”… so “hello” :)

    I live in Toronto, Canada and it’s been just as cold as where you are. I’ve been avoiding going outside and had to resort to cook the most random meals in the last couple of days. Alas, I ran out of vegetables and must head out for some grocery shopping.

    Hope the weather warms up where you are!

    • I’m so glad you said hello! Did you end up buying anything from Everlane? We avoided eating out too but left the house tonight for meetings/food/drinks. It felt good to leave the house and the 26 degree temps felt warm compared to -8!

  • I like that Ohio is a lady :)

  • As always, you highlight the funniest points of your daily adventures. Truly funny! lol
    It’s really cold in NYC too, so I can only imagine how bad you Ohio guys got it. It’s baaaaaad. I’m praying this polar vortex just goes away. NOW!

    • I’m glad you think so :) I always make myself chuckle but my dog never reciprocates. It looks like it’ll be 50 degrees and sunny on Monday. Time for booties instead of knee highs!

  • I love this post! I’m from Chicago, and I can definitely relate to you on most, if not all, of them! The weather has been getting warmer. High of 44 today. Bipolar weather. Keep warm!

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