The new year arrived and we retreated. It was an impulse decision. I called my grandpa (who has owned the lakehouse for 26 years) and he had a neighbor turn up the heat before we left.

We called it The Wonder Jam’s corporate retreat. All of our employees went (ahem…me and Adam…and our dog) and decided to get a grasp on 2014. We set some pretty intense goals. Goals surrounding finances, how much money we want to make, what kind of clients do we want, travel plans and even side projects.


Sometimes the internet went out. The fire was constantly lit. We ate a lot of pizza. I didn’t do my hair or wear makeup. And best of all: we got really excited for this year.



How’s 2014 treating you so far?

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Comments (25)

  • sounds so wonderful and peaceful!

  • That sounds ideal! I can already tell 2014 is full of wonderful things.

  • Sounds like a perfect retreat to me! If only all corporate retreats were like this!

  • This sounds lovely! The first week of 2014 was a little rocky, but yesterday felt like the first real day of the new year and I’m excited.

  • Your retreat sounds awesome! 2014 is off to an okay start but I managed to get a lot done. Hopefully this continues through the new year.

  • Oh, man. I sooooo want/need to do this with Nate. And I need to see what renting a lakehouse up there would cost…or maybe something in Hocking Hills.

    • You really should! Hocking is nice because it’s so close. And a weekday night rate isn’t as much if you can get a family member to babysit the kiddos!

    • Hocking Hills represent (I’m from there)! The annual winter hike is coming up on the 18th, so that’d be a great time to have a mini-retreat.
      Another great affordable place in the area is the Ravenwood castle in New Plymouth. You can stay in a gypsy wagon!

  • How very corporate! I hope it was restorative :)

  • Nice! I’d love a retreat!!

    2014 has been sweet- the newborn haze is beginning to clear (or I’m getting used to being exhausted) & I feel ready to make some (small but) concise goals.

    • I’m glad to hear the haze has lifted but can’t imagine how tired you must be!! My best friend just had her 3rd and I’ve been wanting to make a weekend where I go and help with the kiddos…

  • Sounds like such a wonderful way to start the new year! Good luck with all of your projects this year!

  • Sounds like a peaceful, fun, and creative way to start the new year!

  • So glad you guys were able to take some time away! Sounds productive & relaxing!

  • That sounds so nice! That’s exactly the kind of thing I’d like to have the opportunity to do. I’m still a university student and so even when it’s my Winter break I’m working basically full-time hours at my part-time retail job – which is of course crazier during Christmas time. Next thing I know, the school year has started again. When do I get a chance to buckle down and plan even the next week?
    Hope your year goes as planned! Keep up the great blog posts :)

    • Oh gosh yes – retail is INSANE this time of year. I used to work retail and I was always exhausted so I totally feel ya. Thanks for the comment Whitney!! xo

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