Organizing My Life

This week beat the crap out of me.

Don’t get me wrong…I kicked its ass. But I walked away with some bruises and maybe even a broken arm. Haha what if I wrote in analogies this whole post? That would be annoying.

At 6am on Thursday morning, I found myself working. I hadn’t gone to sleep yet and I thought about pulling an all-nighter. Instead, I drafted a new email to Adam (he was sleeping like a normal human being) and basically said: HELP. The thing is…I can be a bit controlling. Or I don’t want to burden someone with tasks so I choose to do it instead. Over the past few weeks everything had piled up and I found myself working  24/7.

When I finally woke up (ahh glorious sleep) I realized that Adam had checked off every task and attended every meeting for us. He’s quite literally my hero.

You might be thinking, “Jeez Allie. Get your shit together!” Yeah, I’m trying. Here’s what I learned this week:

  • I need to get on a normal sleep schedule. For my sanity. For my clients’ sanity. For Adam’s sanity. Oh and my dog seems rather annoyed when I stay up late too. I need to retrain clients so that they don’t think I’m available every minute of every hour.
  • I need to be okay with promising deliverables/emails/proposals within 72 hours. Instead, I’m constantly saying, “Oh yeah I’ll get that to you tonight,” and then realizing I said that 30 times in a day.
  • I need a way to see all current + potential projects’ timelines and deliverables in a very visual way. We just landed 4 huge projects. We’re in the middle of 3 projects. We have 3 clients on retainer. I’m constantly juggling and I need to see the big picture to accurately create timelines and deadlines. Suggestions, please! (I don’t like Trello, Asana or Basecamp, FYI)
  • It’s okay to pay for things that bring you sanity. We had our house cleaned and started ordering healthy, gourmet food that’s delivered to our house daily. It’s an amazing feeling when you can heat up your quinoa, pork + brussels sprouts in a minute and serve dinner.

The bottom line, however, is that I am really happy. I’m learning so much and I’m passionate about all of the work that I do. I’m so thankful that my problem is that we have too much work. It’s kind of amazing. I think that with a little bit of organizing…things will be a bit more manageable. Plus we just brought on an amazing intern. Things are looking up!

It’s been so long – how are you? What’s happening in your life? Any advice for this chaos? 

PS: Check out our new site! I’m proud!

January 17, 2014