My First Wedding

I shot my first wedding on December 28, 2013. Luckily it was my sister-in-law’s wedding so I felt a bit more at ease. I was there for all the planning, I knew the landscape + ¬†felt comfortable with everyone in attendance. It was a great first and since then I’ve shot another and booked 3 more! I’ve received about 4 other inquires too so now I just have to accept the fact that I’ll be a wedding photographer this year!

I actually have really enjoyed it so far. It’s a burst of intense shooting for 9-10 hours and yet it’s really fulfilling because it’s a continuous sequence. I’m painting a story and I’m excited to get better at it as the year progresses. Maybe I’ll even get to travel + shoot a wedding!

Here is the story of my beautiful sister + her husband’s wedding from December:












What have I learned so far? Not every wedding is going to photograph as easy as the ones on Pinterest do (I mean, obviously). I realized quickly that being in the Midbest will only allow me a few 100% outdoor weddings. In the winter it’s freezing cold (hence, all indoor) and in the summer it’s sweltering hot (also mostly indoor). I’d spent so much time looking at other photographers’ outdoor work that I forgot that I’d be facing much different challenges.

I have a few goals on how to improve:

  • Get better at using flash (on and off camera)
  • Find really comfortable shoes that aren’t extremely ugly
  • Master my “bossy-but-it’s-all-about-the-bride” voice
  • Figure out how involved I want to be in selling prints/albums
  • Second shoot with some amazing photographers so I can learn
  • Get better at editing + my workflow (thinking of taking this online session)
  • Practice, practice, practice

Any seasoned wedding photographers out there? Any advice? Or any amazing (or horror) stories about your own wedding photographer? I’d love to hear any tips or things you loved!

January 28, 2014