Search History

I got curious the other day and started looking up what I look up on Google. Here is some of my search history:

  1. How do celebrities avoid their Instagram comments?
  2. What is babka?
  3. Why did Olivia de Havilland & Joan Fontaine fight?
  4. Why is it called “a wake?”
  5. Paypal Calculator
  6. Party scene with alcohol (image search)
  7. Peplum tops (thanks to Ashli, I also don’t like them)
  8. Is a cashew a legume or a nut?
  9. Was Seinfeld filmed in front of an audience?
  10. What does my site look like in IE?
  11. Jenna Marbles packing
  12. Amazon Drones
  13. How tall is Aziz Ansari?
  14. Minion Whaaaaat?
  15. Hansel so hot right now gif
  16. “Get on my level”
  17. What time is it in Brisbane Australia right now? (I’ve searched this 8 times because our awesome clients live in Brisbane)
  18. What are the 12 Days of Christmas?
  19. Amoung
  20. Rap songs about hair
  21. NYTimes Dogs Brains

And two more that I just can’t say…

What’s your search history like? 

December 17, 2013