My 2013


I always enjoy looking back on the year to remember just how much I experienced and learned.


We traveled quite a bit during the first 2/3 of the year and boy did our wallets feel that. I wouldn’t trade our trips to NYC for anything and I’m already scheming our next trip. I hope that 2014 can be a year of travel to the west coast. Seattle, Portland, Vancouver + Cali are all calling my name.


What else?

  • I turned 26 but got the stomach flu the day after
  • My brother moved in (and back out into his own place)
  • I made amazing new friends
  • We cherished time with friends + family who live afar
  • I hardly read any books (sad)
  • We were blessed with amazing clients
  • I felt inadequate, I felt confident, I laughed, I cried
  • I shot my first wedding

Oh, and I did it all with this guy. My best friend, husband and co-conspirator.


I am so excited for 2014. Adam and I are off to Michigan to retreat to the lakehouse and scheme/create/plan. I’ll be back next week. I hope to see this blog stay consistently me. I finally looked at my stats yesterday and saw that my blog hasn’t grown this year. It’s decreased in visitors and yet I feel more authentic than ever. For those that do read, thank you. I visit your blogs, know your names, read your comments and would honestly hug you if I met you in real life. And I don’t even like to hug that much.

Happy New Year to you all! 

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Comments (44)

  • I love everything about this review. Wonderful year!!

  • Wow, you guys rock, can’t wait to see what you both do in 2014!

  • Looks like it was a great year! I read (or look to see if there are new posts) every day. You’ve got a faithful reader in me! Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for you!

    • Aw thanks Carrie! While I don’t mind about losing readers – I hope to keep ones like you! And to post more often in 2014 ;)

  • A fantastic year indeed! So excited to continue this journey with you and see where 2014 takes you. :)

  • Following your journey via your blog, Instagram, etc. has been awesome, you’ve accomplished so much– I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

  • This is a beautifully put together review!! Wishing you all the good luck into the New Year!

  • Loved reading/looking at this. You have such an amazing talent and it’s been awesome to watch you grow. I was going to e mail you about possibly guest posting on my blog and possibly being a guest on yours. I feel like your a classier version of me haha. Lots of the same passions, but we go about them differently. I respect you and love reading. We are at our lake house now dreaming and relaxing. Hope y’all have a great rest.

    • GIRL! I’d love to do that!! And you are totally classy. Don’t let me fool you. I can be a huge turd sometimes ;) Let’s chat after the new year!

  • what gorgeous photos, and lucky you to embark on so many fun trips! out of all mine, i think nyc was my favorite too. :)

    ps- i signed up for death to the stock photo a little while back, and love love the concept. glad i get to follow your career journey on here, too!

    xo, valerie @ lily on fillmore

    • Honestly NYC is one of the only places where my heart aches because I want go back so bad! I think we’ll return in September. Thanks for signing up for DTTSP!!

  • Wow! You have done SO much this year, Allie! That’s great. I love how you pointed out that your visitors have decreased yet you’re okay with that. I think many bloggers get lost in the numbers and the income and forget to be authentic on their blog. It’s great that you’re just focusing on you and what you enjoy! :)

    • It definitely took awhile to be okay with it. I wasn’t always like this. I’d rather love blogging vs feel anxiety and pressure. Thanks for reading and commenting, Kory!

  • Congrats on a year filled with love and travel – the best way to spend time, I think. Best wishes in the new year and looking forward to seeing how your blog grows. If you end up coming to Vancouver, let me know! I would love to send you a list of must-sees. :)

    • I totally agree. My favorite way to spend money = travel. I’ll let you know if we make it that way! I appreciate it ;)

  • You have done so many incredible things this year and you are truly an inspiration! Maybe 2014 will hold that double date for us :)

  • I’m not going to lie. I’m a little jealous of your 2013. I can’t wait for my years to be full of traveling and growing my own business. Congrats on all your adventures!

    • Once you’re there – you’ll LOVE it. Sometimes I get nervous that 2014 won’t live up! But I know better…

  • Congrats on all of the amazing endeavours you’ve experienced this past year Allison! I think 2014 will be an awesome year for you two and your business! :) Happy New Year! xo

    • Thank you Danelle! You’ve been such a source of encouragement and inspiration this past year. Glad we are internet friends.

  • I’m new to following your blog, and I have to agree that it is definitely your authentic voice (and lovely photos!) that drew me to it. All the best in the new year and I’m looking forward to following along with more of your adventures!

  • What a wonderful year you’ve had! I’ve loved following your journey and adventures here on the blog, and have been so inspired by your story and accomplishments. My intention for 2014 is to make it my “launch” year. I hope my 2014 year in review looks as bright and well done as yours does!

    Happy New Year!

    • Amber, I’m so glad you commented. Your blog is AWESOME. Excited to see your 2014 explode (in the best ways). Happy New Year!

  • I have really enjoyed reading your blog the past few months. Congrats on a productive year!

  • Allison,
    I have been following your blog for quite a long time and I am glad you did not change in order to satisfy the public. Actually, you are one of my benchmarks for creating a blog – where I would expose my true me, not someone’s expectations. Don’t change and keep it going like this!

    New Year’s greetings from Poland!

    • Totally translated your blog and am loving it! Exposing your true self feels amazing. I’m glad you wouldn’t want me to change either :)

  • Happy New Year! Great post–I to agree with above commenter, kokolada. Sticking to what makes you happy with blogging is best choice…always.

    I look forward to reading more in 2014!

  • what an amazing year! i, for one, found your blog this year sooo there is a new reader for you :)

    happy new year!

  • i’m a new reader, and so far love what i see :) happy new year! here’s to even more adventures in 2014…

  • I just found your blog and I love it. Can’t wait to continue reading on.

    Juli Xx

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