Gifts for Clients

This year we decided to get gifts for our clients. In the past, I usually just worked with larger companies as a contractor so it wasn’t this personal relationship. In 2013, however, we have worked with amazing clients on an ongoing basis. I was sitting at my desk one day racking my brain on what to get! Something personal yet professional yet fun (because we have a lot of fun with our clients).

We decided to visit Igloo Letterpress and talk to their shop keeper about some fun paper goods! After our meeting we decided to create custom stationery for each client using the method of blind impression (letterpress without ink).

IMG_3751 copy



It’s subtle right? I love it. We used our clients’ logos and printed 20 A1 cards with kraft envelopes!

I know Adam definitely wants to get back in there to press¬†with¬†ink so we’ll be sure to share more projects with Igloo in the future. I don’t think people realize how dynamic a shop like Igloo really is. We were able to sample and check out so many different types of products including leather bound journals, calendars, bound books + more. We’re excited to incorporate these kinds of luxurious paper goods into our brand in 2014.


December 19, 2013