Christmas City Swap Recap


Before 2014 gets here, I knew I had to post a recap from this year’s Christmas City Swap! If you celebrate Christmas – I hope it was grand! We just got home from a whirlwind of intense working, Christmas and then my sister-in-law’s wedding (which I photographed)!

This year I had 120 participants and you can see photos of some of the packages below! I don’t blame any of you who forgot to take a photo because I forgot too! In the craziness that was the holidays, I quickly boxed up my gift and shipped it off. I gifted an ornament from Grandiflora and a holiday candle from 1820 Candles.

Christmas City Swap

If you missed it this year – I’ll definitely be hosting the 3rd annual Christmas City Swap next year. I usually announce it in November and allow 3 weeks to sign up.

If you posted a recap on YOUR blog, be sure to leave the link down in the comment section! I’m sure all of us would love to see it! Oh and if you haven’t received your package – give it a bit more time. Between FedEx/UPS troubles this season AND the craziness of the holidays, I know many will be delayed. If you still haven’t received your package by January 6th – email me!

December 30, 2013