New Habits

I’m so thankful to see November. Lately, I am shifting between feeling motivated, lazy, energized, bummed out, optimistic, overwhelmed and then just plain tired. Adam and I drove 8 hours yesterday back to my home state of Illinois and were able to talk about everything. Car rides are good for that. Especially when you can’t connect your iPhone or play CDs.

I need to change some habits. I need to catch my breath. Come up for air. I need these next 4 days (away from home, meetings, the same environment) to do just that. October was a tough month. I was sick for most of it. I was always playing catch up. I was always running late. I was always going to bed late and waking up early.

November looks much better. Here are a few reasons why I’m excited:

  • Adam and I are buckling down and finally have some financial goals to work towards. When I’m overworked – I overspend to make myself feel better. It’s a horrible habit. I want saving to become a habit.
  • I’m hosting Thanksgiving for my family. I’ll be cooking my first turkey!
  • In order to practice, I think I’m going to host a Friendsgiving.
  • Besides this weekend, we aren’t traveling at all!
  • We have many new projects lined up and I’m ready to be better about tracking my time, creating a better workflow with Adam and working ahead of schedule.
  • Death to the Stock Photo is really growing. We were featured on Wired yesterday!
  • My friend Erin is going to be launching her new shop this month! Check out shots from our photoshoot last week.

And to kick off November? I’m going to visit my favorite hometown coffeeshop, SLEEP, watch You’ve Got Mail with my sister (she’s never seen it!), and eat all my mom’s home cooked food. I hope you all have a restful weekend.

How do you form new habits? How do you refresh? 


November 1, 2013