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I’m so thankful to see November. Lately, I am shifting between feeling motivated, lazy, energized, bummed out, optimistic, overwhelmed and then just plain tired. Adam and I drove 8 hours yesterday back to my home state of Illinois and were able to talk about everything. Car rides are good for that. Especially when you can’t connect your iPhone or play CDs.

I need to change some habits. I need to catch my breath. Come up for air. I need these next 4 days (away from home, meetings, the same environment) to do just that. October was a tough month. I was sick for most of it. I was always playing catch up. I was always running late. I was always going to bed late and waking up early.

November looks much better. Here are a few reasons why I’m excited:

  • Adam and I are buckling down and finally have some financial goals to work towards. When I’m overworked – I overspend to make myself feel better. It’s a horrible habit. I want saving to become a habit.
  • I’m hosting Thanksgiving for my family. I’ll be cooking my first turkey!
  • In order to practice, I think I’m going to host a Friendsgiving.
  • Besides this weekend, we aren’t traveling at all!
  • We have many new projects lined up and I’m ready to be better about tracking my time, creating a better workflow with Adam and working ahead of schedule.
  • Death to the Stock Photo is really growing. We were featured on Wired yesterday!
  • My friend Erin is going to be launching her new shop this month! Check out shots from our photoshoot last week.

And to kick off November? I’m going to visit my favorite hometown coffeeshop, SLEEP, watch You’ve Got Mail with my sister (she’s never seen it!), and eat all my mom’s home cooked food. I hope you all have a restful weekend.

How do you form new habits? How do you refresh? 


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Comments (23)

  • Sounds good Allie (:
    Really excited for death to stock photo! wish I had better equipment so I could contribute!

  • What’s a friendsgiving? Is that like a pre-thanksgiving?

    Have fun on your road trip! And, I think any creative person can relate with the creative/energy followed by burn-out exhaustion cycle. It’s a hard balance, one that I’m pretty sure I’m never going to achieve in this life.

    • Yeah just Thanksgiving with friends :) Although Thanksgiving doesn’t necessarily always mean family. It’s just fun to have friends over and eat mostly all your favorite side dishes.

  • Oh, these sound like terrific weekend plans. So I hope you’re able to relax and enjoy it!

    Love the friendsgiving idea. And congrats on the Death to Stock Photo recognition, you guys absolutely deserve it!!!

  • This all sounds wonderful! I definitely feel the same way you are, everything from inspired to exhausted every day. I’m running myself thin and it makes me unmotivated and burned out. I need some days off soon. Enjoy your trip!

    • We DO need days off. I tell my brother that all the time (since he works so much) and need to listen to my own advice. Thanks Angel!

  • Love the quote! The holiday season gets pretty busy for my shop, so it can make (or break) my holiday spirit if I don’t keep this in mind. I’ve been organizing, working ahead and pacing myself so I get to enjoy these last 2 months of the year, and not feel overwhelmed.

    It’s such a beautiful time.. and I couldn’t think of a better way than to kick it off with You’ve Got Mail. I watch it every so often, even just to have playing in the background while I work. -Just makes me happy :)

    Wishing you a great November!

    • That’s so great that you’ve been working ahead. I bet that will make the whole season so much better. You’ve Got Mail is so wonderful. We watched it last night. I could watch it weekly. The best to work with too…

  • Glenn and I are also constantly trying to better our workflow as a his + her’s team as well. We started using Basecamp this year and it’s made things SO much more efficient!

    • That’s awesome Liz!! We started using Toggl to track time more but we use WeDoist to manage projects. So far we’ve really loved it.

  • I’m glad November is looking up! And hosting Friendsgiving is the BEST. We are hosting our second annual in a couple weeks and I’m so excited. Can’t wait to hear about yours and I’m glad you get to spend time with the fam this weekend :)

  • “In order to practice, I think I’m going to host a Friendsgiving,” love it!! My friends and I will be doing the same.

    Love your blog! Very refreshing.

    Derek Devine

  • Sounds like you are going to have a great November! :)

  • I was just talking to Matlock about recharging. We have a 3 day weekend coming up and I really want to travel. The closest city we could drive to is Chicago, but not sure if it would be too hectic to plan on such short notice. Plus there’s always the money thing, or lack there of. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I will be traveling back to MA for it and the the chaos of Christmas ensues. Maybe a spa weekend would be nice way to hit the reset button. Btw, the last set of stock photos was great!
    Friendsgiving sounds great. How can I get on that invite list? :)

    • Have you ever thought of Indy? We like staying downtown and it’s really walkable. We like it because it’s under 3 hours away and much more affordable. A spa weekend would also be amazing. You could do it locally?

      And I’d love to add you guys to our Friendsgiving list. I still haven’t made it official in fear that I’ll burn myself out for the following weekend for the real Thanksgiving…

  • I stumbled upon your blog and I love what you’ve got going on. Do you ever need contributors to your Death to the Stock Photo? I live in Guatemala, so maybe we’d have a fun variety depending on the theme. Also, “You’ve Got Mail” is one of my favorites. I’ve probably seen it fifty times.

    My new habit is hauling myself out of bed in the morning to workout and make breakfast. So far so good, but until it becomes a natural habit, it feels like a giant pain.

    • Hi Sky! I’d love to keep you posted on contributors. We hope to incorporate that very soon! That sounds like such a good habit, BTW. I also would feel like it was a giant pain but it will be so rewarding when it becomes a natural habit. So glad you commented. Nice to “meet” you! I am absolutely loving your blog!

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