That’s me. At an event. Drinking champagne and apple cider bourbon at the same time. Wearing heels and rocking a blowout. Also mid-sentence, I’m sure. But let’s be real, pals. It’s really like this:


OH snap! Check out that lady with crazy hair and her messy house. My life has been pretty consistent lately. I wake up, work all day or have meetings all day, work til 4am, yadda yadda, computer, sit, design, blog, meet, yadda yadda. Then I occasionally shower and get dressed and look like I do in the photo above. It’s just a crazy ass month. Fulfilling…but crazy.

ALSO I’m finally feeling better (no more green snot). Based on some future creative/work plans, I don’t really want to shop anymore (save, save, save!). I am so smitten by all the colors in the trees and on the ground. And I truly love what I do. Hopefully all these crazy weeks will yield relaxing weekends. I can’t believe it’s Friday. More like TGIF.

Here is a bit of recent work/collaborations:

080617_k29_pf_ow 008



Hither and Thither‘s re-design, a photoshoot for Grandiflora (it launches Monday), our great friends’ anniversary shoot. 

More to share next month!

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Comments (22)

  • hah glad to hear to you feel better!
    you still look gorgeous in both pictures :)

    my month have been like that too. hell, the last 3 years are like this. lately i get up and put some simple makeup, blush and mascara, just to feel that i’m not a troll hah

    • Yes if I feel too much like a troll then I start to feel bad about myself haha. But thank you :) Isn’t it crazy that we still survive?

  • HIther and Thither looks so great! You are so talented. Love your work. Hope you get some time to relax soon!

  • Wow, you’re finally better. I’m happy for you! I can only imagine what it is like to be going through such busy month being sick. Ugh!

    Love all the recent work. Your photography skills are getting truly mind blowing! :)

    • FINALLY! It felt like forever. 6 weeks to be exact. And thank you for the compliment, Kelly! I’m feeling much more confident while shooting lately.

  • Haha I feel you on all fronts! I feel like the past few months have been especially busy for me as well. Keep it up, pretty lady!

    • We must remember that busy is good and productive or else we’ll go crazy haha. PS I may be collaborating with your man on a project soon! Woot!

  • Hahahaha yes. It’s been a crazytown past two weeks for us, too. Lots of creating and change, but not much, ahem, cleaning.
    Also, that photoshoot work for Grandiflora looks AWESOME.

  • ahhh you are gorgeous. in both photos!
    and you keep making the most beautifulest work!

  • allison – your blog is a visual treat to look at. i know how you feel and am glad that you shared some of the reality that comes with being a busy gal! thanks to you and your husband for becoming new supporters! i’m excited to discover fellow columbusites (is that even a word?) and get to know this city better

  • You, my friend, are so talented. Seriously. Thanks for sharing our photo. I am still having such a hard time picking a few favorites to print because I love them all so much!!

  • I love this. Your totally kicking some serious ass. This months been crazy for me too. S much editing. So thankful. Excited for you!!!

  • You’re such a babe. You kill it.

  • That’s exactly what I look like every day too! Oh it’s 4pm…maybe I should brush my teeth or something >_<

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