Hostess with the…messy house

If you know me at all – you know that I’m a slob. Currently every space in my house is acting as a shelf and that includes desks, tables, the floor and more. While I’m not proud of this messy trait – I have grown to accept it. HOWEVER, I’ve been a lot more conscious of it lately.

In case you missed it, my friend Erin launched Grandiflora yesterday where she is selling custom home goods! I was so honored to shoot all her photography and see each piece up close (photo above). Okay let’s be honest…I want to buy it all. Between Erin’s blog and my friend Jess‘ blog, I realize that hosting is in my blood. My mom is the queen of hosting. Elaborate dinners. Home cooked goodness. Beautiful china. The best music. Coffee and dessert.

It was a treat growing up in a home where hosting was fun and anyone was invited to the dinner table. 

And at the heart of it all – I love having people over. Adam always comments about how excited I get to have people in our home. I’m excited to embrace the tradition my mom has established and perhaps it will motivate me to move out of this “messy-teenager-but-really-I’m-26” phase.

I guess I should start by cleaning my dirty dishes and figuring out how all my forks have somehow disappeared… 

Do you host at your home often? Dinners? Wine night? Any favorite tips?


November 12, 2013