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The other day on Facebook, a friend posted a cute blurb describing what we were all like as kids. I read it and laughed out loud. They described me perfectly so I thought I’d write some memories from when I was a kid myself. There are times, honestly, that I still feel like a kid. Not because I think that I’m immature but because I still have a lot of the quirks that I had as a child. The other night we watched Elf and I got a little weepy at the end. When all of the adults + children believe in Santa again, random people singing Christmas songs in Central Park and Zooey D’s lovely voice…You get the point.

I see a lot of people my age who stifle excitement. People who are cynical. People who think too many things are stupid. Women hating on women who wear tights for pants. I mean, really?

I think we should all focus a bit more on the things that light us up and remember how goofy we were as kids.


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  • I love this! Childhood wasn’t necessarily easy for me and I had to grow up early. It caused me to have a very cynical streak but it also help teach me to never stop being myself because of life. Those closest to me know that no matter how stressful or taxing a day in the real world can be I will always come home and let the quirk out of the bag because it makes me happy. Giggle fits, corny dad jokes, silly nicknames, and daydreaming are something I hope I never lose.


    • Aw I love this! The thing I realize is that we can push out a lot of the bad stuff. Well, at least I do. My memory is awful though.

  • I’m not sure if having a little of that childhood excitement is a good excuse for wearing tights as pants, but I do get what you’re saying. It’s great to live it up, not worrying about other people’s opinions every once and while! (Just not with see-through pants.)

    • LOL. Oh I do :) I wore tights and leggings like it was my job as a kid. NEVER see-through…do people wear see-through pants?

  • Well said! I feel the same way. Everyone gets so caught up in being a grown up, they forget how to have fun. Cheers to skipping down the street, rolling down hills and stifling boisterous laughter fits in the most quiet moments.

  • Yes!! People are always making comments about how I’m “quirky” or the slightly patronizing “only you would do something like that” or “Yep, that’s Jessica”. But it’s just because I sing when I feel like singing, I dance or laugh when I feel joy, I refuse to “grow up” if it means not enjoying life. Luckily my husband isn’t one to force me to stop having fun, so he fights off the doubters while I’m dancing through the mall.

  • I love how you wrote this down, it’s easy to forget about – but when you think about it, you remember all those little quirks just like yesterday (this happens whenever my siblings and I are together).

    And Elf is the best, definitely time to bring that one out for the holidays – and Home Along for a true throwback (of course!)

    • I always remember more funny memories when I’m with my siblings too! It’s the best. Home Alone – MUST watch that soon.

  • Aw, I love this! I have no problem holding on to bits of my quirky “little kid” behavior. I still love watching kid’s movies, I still love Pikachu/Pokemon, and I have Hello Kitty stuff all over my desk at work. No shame!

  • Love this so, so much. You’re a cute kid and even cuter lady!

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