Being A Kid

The other day on Facebook, a friend posted a cute blurb describing what we were all like as kids. I read it and laughed out loud. They described me perfectly so I thought I’d write some memories from when I was a kid myself. There are times, honestly, that I still feel like a kid. Not because I think that I’m immature but because I still have a lot of the quirks that I had as a child. The other night we watched Elf and I got a little weepy at the end. When all of the adults + children believe in Santa again, random people singing Christmas songs in Central Park and Zooey D’s lovely voice…You get the point.

I see a lot of people my age who stifle excitement. People who are cynical. People who think too many things are stupid. Women hating on women who wear tights for pants. I mean, really?

I think we should all focus a bit more on the things that light us up and remember how goofy we were as kids.


November 15, 2013